Phoenix Wright Trilogy Coming to iOS Devices

While one fanbase gets disappointed and an iOS release, another is getting a kick in shin. Capcom has announced Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD, an iOS port of the first three Phoenix Wright games all packaged into one. For this release, the graphics are getting cleaned up the controls will be optimized for the iOS. Makes sense since the this is essentially and adventure game/visual novel, and the DS releases of course made heavy use of the touch screen. Hey, makes more sense than another game we found out about.

Of course, this isn’t the news that Phoenix Wright fans want to hear since they’re still waiting for Ace Attorney Investigations 2 to be localized. But like I said in the other iOS reveal, maybe this might gauge interest for that game to get localized. Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD is set to release on iOS devices and can be bought separately or all together. Release date and price is TBA.

No Objections Here: Capcom Announces ‘Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD’ For iOS [MTV Multiplayer]

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