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Capcom: Christian Svensson Wants Ace Attorney Collection For 3DS, Gun.Smoke Gets Rated For 3DS

Phoenix Wright and Gun.Smoke

Got a pair of Capcom news to share. First up, Capcom VP Christian Svensson is hoping for Capcom to create an Ace Attorney Collection for the 3DS. “I have proposed this many times over the past two years… no news yet though. Hang in there,” is what he said on the Unity forums’ “Ask Capcom” section in a thread simply titled “Ace Attorney Collection for 3DS?” Given that Capcom released Ace Attorney Trilogy for iOS devices, it seems plausible to release something like this on the 3DS. Maybe not the whole series so far (which includes Miles Edgeworth and Apollo Justice), but at least the trilogy. Still, as Svensson says, “Hang in there.”

Next is the revelation of Gun.Smoke getting rated for release on Nintendo eShop. The game was an overhead shump game set in the wild west. The game was originally an arcade game and was released 1985, then released on multiple consoles, most notably on the NES in 1988. It’s not known if the one coming the 3DS will be the NES version or the Arcade version as there’s many differences between the two. Given that Capcom is releasing arcade classics under its Arcade Cabinet line, it could be the Arcade version. The ESRB rating shows the game as getting released on the 360, PS3, Vita, and Nintendo 3DS.

Locked: Ace Attorney Collection 3DS? [Capcom Unity, via Cubed3]
ESRB rates Gun.Smoke for 3DS VC [GoNintendo, via NintendoLife]

Ace Attorney 5 Announced, Hachi Seeks His Fancy Tie and Wig

He’s here to kick ass and provide evidence. And he’s all out of ass…

After several years of languishing in the depths of the “Shit We Don’t Talk About Because We Need To Focus On Re-releasing Our Fighting Games” closet at Capcom, website “My Nintendo News” revealed that the latest issue of Famitsu (basically the premier video game magazine in Japan, and part time Mos Eisley Cantina) features the announcement of the long-awaited Ace Attorney 5, in development for the 3DS. Yup, no “Investigations” spin-off this time, or Layton crossover. It’s an honest-to-goodness mainline installment. This news has me…slightly excited.

Actual photo of Hachi’s room when he heard the news.

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Phoenix Wright Trilogy Coming to iOS Devices

While one fanbase gets disappointed and an iOS release, another is getting a kick in shin. Capcom has announced Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD, an iOS port of the first three Phoenix Wright games all packaged into one. For this release, the graphics are getting cleaned up the controls will be optimized for the iOS. Makes sense since the this is essentially and adventure game/visual novel, and the DS releases of course made heavy use of the touch screen. Hey, makes more sense than another game we found out about.

Of course, this isn’t the news that Phoenix Wright fans want to hear since they’re still waiting for Ace Attorney Investigations 2 to be localized. But like I said in the other iOS reveal, maybe this might gauge interest for that game to get localized. Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD is set to release on iOS devices and can be bought separately or all together. Release date and price is TBA.

No Objections Here: Capcom Announces ‘Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD’ For iOS [MTV Multiplayer]

The Cosplayers of New York Comic-Con

It’s time to take a break from the videos and look at the other attractions that populated Comic Con. No, it wasn’t all the free schwag we got (though we’ll be making an article about that later). It’s the cosplayers, and boy were there many. With the Jacob Javits Center packed to the brim with comic fans, animation and anime fans, and gamers (and nary a jock in sight), you were bound to bump into a cosplayer or two (or, say, seven). As many of you know, cosplay is serious business, and these people were ready to display the best of what they had. We have over 70 pictures, and you can view them all after the break! Continue reading

Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Phoenix Wright Trailer

For real this time. For a while I was wondering if Phoenix was really going to throw some punches and kicks. Turns out, he’s not quite doing much of that. Instead, he’s whipping out paper, throwing what looks like laser pens, calling out his assistant to do the Luigi Punches. I’m really diggin’ his level 1 Super though, calling out the Judge like a god! So far his fighting style is very different than the other fighters. He also has some icons over his super meter. Evidence perhaps? Hachi is definitely gonna love this!

Hachi76, Prota and Suikoinfinity of The Wired Fish are Going to New York Comic Con!

The Wired Fish: Finally the first thing to show up when you Google our Goddamn name!

Hello to all 30 The Wired Fish fans out there! This is Hachi with some good news: a few of us are going to Comic Con! Yes, your 3,897th favorite internet personalities will be attending New York Comic Con, at the Jacob Javits Center from October 14th-16th. Now, of course, we won’t be having a panel or anything (we’re not that popular…yet), but we will be wandering the Con floor. Prota and Suiko will likely be around the games most of the time, meanwhile I will be bumping around everywhere; games, anime, sales floor, you name it. Luckily, I’m also the most distinctive looking, and will be wearing my signature hat all three days.

What's sexier than a straw fedora? One with a little Hachi under it, that's what!

As for site news, me and Prota will be demoing any fun games we can find (especially Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Phoenix Wright all fucking day) so look out for the first installment of “Prota and Hachi do NYCC” (name subject to change to something less retarded) in the weeks after the con.

We don’t expect you to seek us out, of course, but if you happen to spot us, don’t be afraid to come over and say hi. It’ll boost our egos (and God knows, as a little hole in the wall site, we need it), we’ll probably exchange witty banter, and you can say you met a guy who writes on that one site you visited on the internet that one time! Everybody wins!

See you all there!

Leaked Screenshots of Nova & Phoenix

Every now and then, a company leaks out information pertaining to a game that has not been released. In this case, Microsoft under the Xbox Live marketplace has unveiled screenshots of two characters that Capcom has not shown any information about in their new game Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Both Phoenix Wright and Nova’s in-game images have been leaked out.

Looks like Nova is learning a thing or two from "Iron Man"????

Look at that smile from Phoenix Wright

From the looks of everything, Nova is shaping to be an interesting character especially in the versus games. Although, I cannot say too much on Phoenix Wright considering he only appears in the team order right above the health bar, Phoenix Wright still has his million dollar smile. More information will be introduced in upcoming weeks around the time of New York Comic Con. Stay tuned.

Gamer Review: Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective


Well, it's either a Japanese puzzle game, or the weirdest prison rape movie I've ever seen.

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I am a huge fan of the Ace Attorney games. Sure, the gameplay can get a little boring, and outright irritating at times, but the incredibly well written characters, the intriguing storylines, the catchy, memorable music, and the frequently laugh inducing dialogue, all combine to make an experience that you certainly can’t find anywhere else.

So why have I devoted a paragraph to a game that is most certainly not the one I am reviewing? Because one cannot talk about GT:PD without mentioning that its creator is the same man who created everyones favorite spiky haired lawyer; Capcom wunderkind Shu Takumi. But is his new game another slam dunk of enjoyable creativity, or just a sad shadow of his courtroom opus? Continue reading