Howard Calls Nester A Little Shit In This Unreleased Howard & Nester Comic

If Nintendo was never going to put another severed head on the cover, there was no way in hell this comic was going to be printed. Howard Philips (via Tiny Cartridge) uploaded to Facebook a comic he received when he left Nintendo to join Lucasfilm Games (now LucasArts). Howard & Nester was a series of comics featured in Nintendo Power featuring Howard Philips’ namesake and the little troublemaker Nester (named after the NES). It looks harmless at first glance, then you read what’s being said by the characters. In one panel, Nester says “Space Bastards,” then Howard calls Nester a “little shit”. Then Nester proceeds to remind Howard that he was “a junky for years and years.” Nothing being in our adult eyes, and pretty obvious is was just for the enjoyment of the NP team and Howard. The comic even references Howard leaving to join LucasFilm Games. It probably kicked ass working at Nintendo Power back then, what with the laid-back writing and humor in this comic. Still, it’s sad that the ol’ comic’s going down by then end the year.

You can see the full comic after the break.

Howard And Nester Comic [Facebook, via Tiny Cartridge]

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