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As One Nintendo Mag Dies, Another One Is Born

Nintendo Force

This year’s been somewhat of a sad year for traditional videogame outlets. G4 was on its way out (or was already long gone), and Nintendo Power, one of the longest running gaming magazines, were going to close its doors this December. But as Nintendo Power was closing its doors, a team of journalists were prepping something behind the scenes, to continue where Nintendo Power left off and introduce a new era for Nintendo magazines. The new mag will be called Nintendo Force. IGN’s Lucas M. Thomas, the man leading the charge, sent an email to well known Nintendo games journalists, proposing that they start a new magazine. Thomas stresses that Nintendo Force is not Nintendo Power reborn, but “a spiritual successor to the great publication we just lost.”

The team he assembled reads like a who’s who of journalists across many different online publications. Among this new team is resident Nintendo man Johnathan Holmes of Destructoid, Kevin Cassidy of GoNintendo, Evan Campbell from Nintendojo, Nintendaan, John Thomas of The Bit Block (previous called Wii Folder), and more. Looks like David was right when he said that Nintendo Power was simply too big to just let die and that someone would probably step in to take its place. It’s nice to see that Nintendo mags will continue to live. Hopefully they be alive for many year and not do the same mistakes Nintendo Power did during its time with Future. And I have a feeling the bias might be curbed a bit since these guys ain’t afraid to called Nintendo on their crap (at least in Holmes’ case). Godspeed guys, godspeed!

Announcing Nintendo Force Magazine [Nintendo Force website]

The Wired Fish Podcast S3 – Episode 7

Ahoy one and all! It’s the Season Finale of The Wired Fish Podcast (which is one month late. Sorry about that…). In this belated episode, we talk about Nintendo Power’s end and how we grew up with the popular Nintendo mag. I’ve also added a slideshow of all the pages to Nintendo Power’s first issue for you to read while we talk. Next we pick apart Alex Hutchison’s comments about how Journalists give Japanese developers a free pass when it comes to storytelling.

As you know, the time table of contents are after the break.

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Howard Calls Nester A Little Shit In This Unreleased Howard & Nester Comic

If Nintendo was never going to put another severed head on the cover, there was no way in hell this comic was going to be printed. Howard Philips (via Tiny Cartridge) uploaded to Facebook a comic he received when he left Nintendo to join Lucasfilm Games (now LucasArts). Howard & Nester was a series of comics featured in Nintendo Power featuring Howard Philips’ namesake and the little troublemaker Nester (named after the NES). It looks harmless at first glance, then you read what’s being said by the characters. In one panel, Nester says “Space Bastards,” then Howard calls Nester a “little shit”. Then Nester proceeds to remind Howard that he was “a junky for years and years.” Nothing being in our adult eyes, and pretty obvious is was just for the enjoyment of the NP team and Howard. The comic even references Howard leaving to join LucasFilm Games. It probably kicked ass working at Nintendo Power back then, what with the laid-back writing and humor in this comic. Still, it’s sad that the ol’ comic’s going down by then end the year.

You can see the full comic after the break.

Howard And Nester Comic [Facebook, via Tiny Cartridge]

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Nintendo Power Is Dead

There’s… really no other way to say this. Nintendo Power, one of the oldest running gaming magazines and probably one of the first magazines some of you out there subscribed to, is stopping the printers and ceasing production. Ars Technica reports that Future Publishing, who took over publication from Nintendo back in 2007, would not renew its contract with Nintendo, nor would Nintendo themselves. Future hinted to Nintendo that digital was the way to go since many are getting their news online. However Nintendo didn’t see it that way, and now Nintendo Power is paying the price. Other magazines, like @Gamer, Xbox Magazine, Playstation Magazine, and Game Informer have digital versions of their magazines available. However some, like EGM and Gamepro, died out even with those initiatives, only to come back to lukewarm reception or with production greatly diminished.

Hearing this news, I think back to more recently when I thought that the console specific magazines would still live. I mean, the mags that fell were the independent ones, not the ones tied to a First Party — They would be funded after all. I guess I was wrong. Any magazine can fall now. At the moment not much is known when the last issue will be shipped. I’ll do some memory articles later on or leave it to a podcast topic.

Source: Nintendo Power magazine to cease publication (updated) [Ars Technica]