[NYCC 2012] Hands-On With Game & Wario

Finally, The Wired Fish plays a Wii U game… on camera. From the guys who made the Wario Ware and Rhythm Heaven series comes Game & Wario. In this minigame, the player uses the tablet controller sideways to launch arrows at enemies, mines, and a boss at the end.

StevenDPX: The gameplay definitely had that weirdness of the WarioWare games. There was some fun to be had, and you also had to think fast about how exactly to clear out the enemies. There are mines on the floor, and you had to think “do I blow it up now, or wait for a bigger group to come in.” It became second nature to launch an arrow from the tablet, but there were instances when I shot nothing, looked down to see if a new one loaded, and accidentally shot it somewhere whilst I scrambled to take out incoming enemies. I was surprised when the rep told me this was a retail game. With all-do-respect, this looked like something for the download space. Of course, there are more minigames than this. But we’ll see how this pans out.

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