[NYCC2012] Hands-On With Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion

Sorry we took so long. But duty called, and it said “rendering: 2 hours.” But enough of that, here’s some gameplay footage from our time at New York Comic-Con 2012. Here, StevenDPX was playing Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion for the Nintendo 3DS.

StevenDPX: The gameplay felt like a mix of a 2D platformer mixed with Okamiden. You’ll see that at first I tried to manually fill in the Mickey Mouse insignia. But then I realized that I just had to trace out the outline. I ended up glitching the game when I tapped the screen before pressing X to initiate painting. The rep there told me that that particular 3DS was acting weird all day, but I had a feeling it was the game. Hopefully it gets ironed out in time for release.

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