X-Play And AOTS Cancellation Marks The Beginning Of The End For G4

Late this summer came reports that G4 as we knew it would cease to exist and become like a sort of GQ version of SpikeTV. I speculated near the end that G4 mainstays X-Play and Attack of the Show would probably be maintained if they were to still have some tech-y programming airing at some point. Well, that speculation is no more as now comes news that X-Play and Attack of the Show will not be retained for the rebranding and will be cancelled. Former employees Adam Sessler and Kevin Pereira sent their farewells via Twitter, with G4 sending out newsletter thanking fans of the two shows. Some might not see this as a surprise considering where this network was going and what it will become next year. But seeing “X-Play” and “Cancelled” in the same sentence does sort of hurt a bit, especially when you take into account how long it’s been around. Same goes for anyone who liked Attack of the Show. To quote my colleague Hachi76, “It’s like seeing an old friend move away”. But deed is now done with all gaming content on G4 ceasing to exist.

Both shows will have their final episodes air and end this December.

G4 Canceling X-Play, Attack of the Show. Gaming Programming Nixed [Update] [Kotaku]

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