Be Careful if You’re Buying the 3DS Version of Zero Escape : Virtue’s Last Reward….


It’s strange enough that I’m writing an article instead of streaming, but I can’t stream either cause a hurricane’s about to hit.  Bummer.  Instead I’m here to help get out a really big issue that’s apparently affecting 3DS versions of Virtue’s Last Reward.

So I spent about 15 hours going through three paths worth of dialogue and 7 or so puzzle rooms, encountered a room that crashed my game costing about an hour of reading because I don’t save often.  To make sure it wouldn’t happen again, I saved while inside the puzzle room — the game crashed again.  Upon reloading I discovered that my saved data was corrupted and I have to delete it because the fucking game only has one file you can save data to….

Apparently I’m not the only person that came across either the game crashing bug or the save corrupting bug.  Also, the bug seems to be present in the Japanese version, so if they haven’t patched over there yet, I wouldn’t expect a US patch anytime soon.

While I cry for my lost 15 hours, you guys be careful where you save if you plan on playing the 3DS version of Virtue’s Last Reward.  The biggest culprits seem to be the PEC room which is where my game went to hell and Crew’s Quarters, but after this I’m not taking chances with any room.

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