Skullgirls 1.01 Update Is Live, Massive Changes And Improvements Made


Earlier this year marked the release of Skullgirls, a game made by pro-tournament player MikeZ and his team as Reverge Labs. It was an all-girl (for now) fighting game that was rife with references and was a love-letter to fighting games. While critical and fan reaction was mostly positive, there were still lots of things to be addressed. Shortly after release, Reverge said that they’ll ready a big patch to release later on, and that later on is now. And since patches cost money to go online, the team at Reverge Labs wanted to make this patch count and fix a multitude of things all at once. Since this is a small dev team, they don’t have the resources to make constant patches and put them online. Highly understandable, and preferable (PS3 guys, you’ll understand. I sure do). The fix list is massive. Really massive. Summarized list after the break.

To briefly summarize, here’s what comes with the patch:

  • In-Game moves list finally added! Why a fighting game would release without an in-game moves list is beyond me.
  • AI rebalanced in Singleplayer mode.
  • The cheap-ass Final Boss is now less cheap. Her skulls now glow so they’re easier to spot, she actually has hit-stun if you attack her quick enough (which also include supers), and of all her attacks give you meter when you’re hit or blocking.
  • Tournament Mode now added to Versus Mode.
  • During Tutorial Mode, inputs are shown instead of text. Also now there’s a tutorial for each character to teach beginners how to use them.
  • When constantly switching out characters in Tag-Team, instead of hitboxes showing, the characters will now be 8-bit.
  • Gameplay speed increased by 3%.
  • Combo damage and decay is slightly increased (so now matches shouldn’t take so long to end).

This is only barely scratching the surface of that list, which also includes character specific changes, netcode improvements, and more technical changes fighting aficionados might understand. The official website details all the fixes, additions, and changes made. This patch is now live for all PS3 users. Xbox 360 users will be getting this patch shortly.

Skullgirls 1.01: Slightly Different Edition Patch Notes [Skullgirls Official Site, via Facebook]

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