Who’s Lab Zero? And What Happened To Reverge Labs? Well…

…Reverge Labs is kinda gone. Fans of Skullgirls who applied the 1.01 patch were probably surprised to see Lab Zero Games splashed on the screen instead of Reverge Labs, whose name now appears in a smaller section of logos near the end of the sequence. So what happened?

According to an open letter on Lab Zero’s website, the whole team at Reverge Labs was laid off this past June. That team then formed Lab Zero Games to continue work on Skullgirls and will continue to work with Autumn Games, who currently own the Skullgirls property. The team felt that telling the public what was happening around then would’ve “discourage our fans more than our conspicuous silence would.” They don’t explain what exactly cause the layoff of Reverge Labs.

Because of this, the release of the PC version has been delayed. This has also delayed the release of the the first DLC character indefnitely. Lab Zero has apologized to the fans for the delays and the lack of information from them and hoped to “(re)start on this new adventure.”

Lab Zero Games [official website, via EventHubs]

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