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The Breakdown: Fairy Bloom Freesia

System: PC/Publisher: Nyu Media/Developer: Edelweiss/Players: 1/Release Date:10-17-12

I’ve grown up with an average fascination for beat-’em-ups. My fascination only went as far the amount of games I’ve played, and unfortunately it never hit double-digits. But my knowledge of the genre is certainly larger than my actual playing of it. Edelweiss, the guys who made Ether Vapor, would dip their toes into this brawler genre, and with it take some inspiration from games like Smash Bros., Tales of, and Odin Sphere. The game: Fairy Bloom Freesia. Does fighting as a fairy sound like an awesome idea? Or is she better off hiding in a tree? Hit the jump to see how this game fares.

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Who’s Lab Zero? And What Happened To Reverge Labs? Well…

…Reverge Labs is kinda gone. Fans of Skullgirls who applied the 1.01 patch were probably surprised to see Lab Zero Games splashed on the screen instead of Reverge Labs, whose name now appears in a smaller section of logos near the end of the sequence. So what happened?

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Slenderman Gets a Game

You got your own game now

The famed internet monster Slenderman stars in his own indie game that goes by the appropriate name of Slender. The game has you collecting 8 notes while runing away from the famed internet monsterIf Slenderman fans are not excited enough then know that this game is for free. You can watch the game trailer which in turn has the download links to the game for your horror enjoyment in the link bellow.



Soul Brother takes over Adult Swim

If you’re looking for a fun way to kill some time on the internet, and enjoy a game with solid platforming and exploration, then I got just the thing for you.

Adult Swim’s latest browser-based game from Superflat Games, Soul Brother, is akin to titles such as An Untitled Story and VVVVVV. You control the soul of a person who just recently died, and you now have the ability to possess the various creatures you come across. The catch is, you can only possess someone when you die. Doing something like jumping into a spike pit will instantly have you take control of another creature on the same screen. And since different creatures have different abilities, such as being able to move blocks or double jump, switching bodies often is vital if you plan on finding all 33 gems of wisdom.

I just finished playing through the game and I have to say it’s pretty fun. It’s not a very long game, only taking me a little under an hour to beat. Then again, I was in a rush and only got 24 of the gems. But I do plan on playing it again when I have more time, in order to get them all. Plus, I love the pixel art style. So if you find yourself bored and with nothing better to do, then do yourself a favor and check out Soul Brother. I highly recommend it.

Via: Joystiq