Slip And Fall Accident Claims The Life Of Dynasty Warriors Japanese Voice Actor

DW Voice Actor Dead

Put simply, this is a really fucked up way to die. Tsuyoshi Takishita, the Japanese voice actor for Sima Yi of Dynasty Warriors, was walking home when he slipped and fell, dying from his injuries. Takishita’s agency, Aoni Production, didn’t specify how he died, only saying that he died from his injuries. Given how common slip and fall accidents are, dying from this is very uncommon. Usually you’d have to hit your head hard on something — or something angular like a stair step or sidewalk curb — to put your life in danger. Given some Japanese media’s tendency to not give specifics (probably to respect the dead), we probably won’t know what exactly happened.

DW publishers Tecmo Koei sent their prayers, stating “We pray for the happiness in the next world for a great actor and man with honorable character.” Series producer Akihiro Suzuki commented as well, stating “I’ve been told that voice of our Shin Sangoku Musō series’ [ed. DW’s Japanese name] Sima Yi, Tsuyoshi Takishita, has passed away. Our entire team is just extremely shocked. We hope for his happiness in the next world.”

Takishita’s career went beyond Dynasty Warriors of course. According his imdb page, he provided his voice for Ace Combat 5‘s Japanese voice cast (most likely for an NPC pilot), voiced several Rangers in the Japanese version of Power Rangers, and voiced Shibai in Warriors Orochi.

But this does serve as a reminder that our bodies are fragile no matter how strong we think we are, and death will find you easier than you find it. Takishita was 37 when he died.

2 thoughts on “Slip And Fall Accident Claims The Life Of Dynasty Warriors Japanese Voice Actor

  1. beldarius

    It’s scary how similar Tsuyoshi Takishita and Kaneto Shiozawa’s deaths were – Shiozawa fell down a staircase at his home and died of a concussion, all the way back in 2000. D:


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