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E3 2016: New Berserk Dynasty Warriors Game Announced, Hachi Runs out of Synonyms for Disbelief

Well, fancy seeing you here.

Well, fancy seeing you here.

It is merely E3 eve and yet we’re already getting announcement bombed.

In a move that I could not have conceived in even my deepest inebriation (and trust me, that is some DEEP shit), Omega Force, which is the team in Koei Tecmo that works on the Sangoku Musou aka Dynasty Warriors series and most of it’s spinoffs, announced that the newest anime-fused branch of the franchise would be Berserk Musou, which will theoretically combine the hacking and slashing action of the Warriors games with Berserk, Kentaro Miura’s long-running masterpiece of dark fantasy and incredibly brutal horror. Continue reading

Nintendo Direct 12/18/13 – Hyrule Warriors, Sonic Enters Yoshi’s Island, And A Newcomer Enters The Fray

Nintendo Direct 12.18.13

This morning’s Nintendo Direct was all about new stuff, new stuff in already released games, and new stuff in upcoming games. Since this year is about to wrap up, everything that would’ve been shown during a Nintendo Direct this year has more or less transpired. While some games have yet to be shown again, like X and Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, this Direct had some pretty cool announcements. So hit the jump let’s check out some of them.

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Newsbreak: Dynasty Warriors 8 Confirmed For International Release, Hachi Starts Counting Seconds

Ooooh, my "Flaming Chinese Man" collectible is coming in the mail!

Ooooh, my “Flaming Chinese Man” collectible is coming in the mail!

Source: Koei Warriors

In the most exciting news I’ve heard since sliced bread was used to power that Haitian dirigible (oh, you didn’t hear? Pay attention…), a producer over at Koei made it officially known that Dynasty Warriors 8 (known as Shin Sangoku Musou 7 in Japan, because of…reasons that would take a bit of doing to explain) will be releasing here in the US and in Europe. And it’s sooner than I anticipated, coming to us on July 16th. Continue reading

Slip And Fall Accident Claims The Life Of Dynasty Warriors Japanese Voice Actor

DW Voice Actor Dead

Put simply, this is a really fucked up way to die. Tsuyoshi Takishita, the Japanese voice actor for Sima Yi of Dynasty Warriors, was walking home when he slipped and fell, dying from his injuries. Takishita’s agency, Aoni Production, didn’t specify how he died, only saying that he died from his injuries. Given how common slip and fall accidents are, dying from this is very uncommon. Usually you’d have to hit your head hard on something — or something angular like a stair step or sidewalk curb — to put your life in danger. Given some Japanese media’s tendency to not give specifics (probably to respect the dead), we probably won’t know what exactly happened.

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This Latest Round Of Scapegoating Is Just Desperate And Stupid

Mass Effect Dynasty Warriors

How many times have we talked about this on The Wired Fish? Twice I believe, and both times were on our Podcasts. We won’t be starting another season for another few weeks, but this is something that simply has to be addressed now.

Last Friday, Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut went through the second worst school shooting in U.S. history. While it is second, the weight of this shooting is far worse than what we’ve seen before since is was primarily kids as young as 5 that were killed by a grown man, Adam Lanza. We’ve all been wondering what hell was going on in the mind of this asshat since, unlike previous shootings, this was a man vs. little kids. What about little kids would make this guy freak out is something we may not get answers to anytime soon. But it looks like media outlets and the public already want to somehow inject videogames into this. I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again:


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Samurai Warriors 4 Announced For 2014, Hachi Seeks A Nearby TARDIS

“…In about 400 years! So stay tuned!”

Source: http://www.koeiwarriors.co.uk/

In a twitter post, Samurai Warriors (Sengoku Musou) producer Hisashi Koinuma announced that Samurai Warriors 4 is indeed in development…and that it will apparently be coming out around the second coming of Christ.

“And yea, the Lord said, “Let Tadakatsu Honda be built up as the best character, even though Keiji Maeda clearly has the better moveset”, amen…”

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