Dead Island Publisher Acquires Saints Row, Reveals Trailer And Launch Date For Saints Row IV

All is good in the land of The Saints. The much publicized collapse of THQ meant that properties were going to be sold off, including the Saints Row franchise. Volition, and its Saints Row game, went to Koch Media. Little did many knew was that Koch Media was the parent company of Deep Silver, the publisher of Dead Island and the upcoming Dead Island Riptide. As evidenced by the trailer they just revealed, Saints Row IV is alive and well. If fact, it has a release date: August 20, 2013.

Saints Row IV started life as an expansion pack DLC for Saints Row: The Third, called Enter The Dominatrix. Volition saw much more potential in the game than having it be just a mere expansion pack however. So they cancelled the DLC and turned it into a full-fledged game.

According to a press release also sent out by Deep Silver and Volition, the leader of The Saints is now the president of the United States. Soon afterwards, an alien invasion occurs, transporting The Saints into a simulation version of Steelport, complete with superpowers the player can wield. Yes, that’s right. Your character is now a superhero. Specifically, “players can use their newfound superpowers and leap over buildings, outrun the fastest sports cars, or send enemies flying with telekinesis…” Your character can also wield alien weapons alongside superpowers.

I guess that final act in The Third wasn’t as zany as we thought.

Saints Row IV Emerges From THQ Bankruptcy, Launches August 20 [WebProNews]

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