Jury Rules That Nintendo Infringed On Patent For Glasses-Free 3D

Nintendo Sued over 3D Patent

Nintendo’s had a good track record so far in beating these trials whenever someone came in to sue them over patent infringement. But that luck’s run out as Federal Jury ruled that Nintendo did in fact infringe on the patent for glasses-free 3D. The patent holder, Seijiro Tomita, was the one that sued Nintendo in 2011. Tomita brought up a meeting Nintendo had with him in 2003. Scott Lindvall, Nintendo’s defense attorney, pointed out that Nintendo’s meeting with Tomita was just one of the many meetings Nintendo had with multiple vendors, and not just Tomita.

Tomita is being awarded $30.2 million in compensatory damages. Nintendo however will not stop selling 3DS handhelds.

U.S. jury finds Nintendo liable for patent infringement [Reuters]

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