The Fighter Blocks While The Sorceress Casts in This Duo of Trailers

The release of Dragon’s Crown draws ever closer in Japan, so Atlus will be putting together videos detailing each of the individual characters players can choose from. Starting with the Fighter, he seems to be the go-to person if you want a balanced character with attacks and defense. That shield of his can protect allies who might be in harm’s way. Take for instance the scene in 0:27. The Fighter stands in front of the Sorceress (more on her after the break), blocking enemy attacks while she casts some magic against the enemy. Alongside some sick combos, Fighter also has some good crowd control in the form of a shoulder tackle. If things get to hectic, the fighter can tackle an enemy, sending them flying across the screen and away from him (and probably to another ally that can properly deal with it). Fighter’s also got an attack that’ll bring surrounding enemies to a crumple state, giving him some room to breathe.

Next up is the fan-favorite Sorceress. Judging by her constant dodging, she’s probably on the weak-defense side of things (hence why we probably saw the Fighter in front of her in the above video). Thankfully it looks like her dodge makes her briefly invincible as she vanishes in the middle of her dodge animation. However she’s got a pretty neat arsenal of spells at her disposal, namely the ability to raise the dead and aid her (0:23), turn enemies to stone (0:27), and transform them into frogs (0:32). Not sure if those frogs can attack though (remember Odin Sphere? Damned Frogs!). Much of her attacking magic can hit multiple targets at once, immobilizing them and potentially giving allies a chance add on to the damage output. Like the Fighter, she also has an attack that’ll blow back surrounding enemies. It looks like the more devastating spells need more time to cast, so some (undead) allies might be needed.

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