Is A New Wild ARMs Game Incoming?

Wild ARMs 2 intro

Keep your fingers crossed, ’cause we might be traversing Filgaia once again. Maybe. According to Game Jouhou, via Siliconera, SCE’s Kentaro Motomura, producer, recently spoke with Famitsu about fan demand and what games they would like to see revisited. Among the games requested is Wild ARMs, which hasn’t seen a new entry since the SRPG entry Wild ARMs XF on the PSP, and Wild ARMs 5 on the PS2. Until the issue of Famitsu is released, we won’t know for sure if a new entry will be made or not.

The Wild ARMs series began life on the PS1, with its hook being that is was an RPG that was inspired by the wild west and the anime Trigun. This RPG series was overshadowed, like many others, by the juggernaut that was Final Fantasy VII. However it served to push Wild ARMs into becoming more distinctive amongst the crowd. Come Wild ARMs 3 on the PS2, it opted for a cel shaded look, almost taking after the sprites-on-3D-backgrounds approach of the first two. The battles, was largely unchanged, had a boost in presentation with both enemies and party members running around the battleground.

Wild ARMs 4 was the first new WA game published in the U.S. by someone other than Sony Computer Entertainment America, and was instead published by XSEED, who was new at the time. Many changes were made with the fourth entry, most notable being the battle system. Now battles took place on top of hexagons in a system called the HEX battle system. Players could move a character to another hex to either get within range to attack or to better position themselves for a stronger attack. Wild ARMs 5, also published by XSEED, saw this system return. On the PSP, Wild ARMs XF was a strategy RPG.

Since then, not a single Wild ARMs has been released. Series developer Media.Vision has been busy with other games mostly in the mobile sector. But who knows? Will they be called again to make another Wild ARMs, or will another developer take the helm?

SCE本村健太郎氏が『ワイルドアームズ』続編について期待の持てるコメントをした模様 [Game Jouhou, via Siliconera]

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