Arc System Works Teasing Something BloodRayne Related

ArcSys BloodRayne teaserLast time Arc System Works teased something, we came away rather disappointed. This time though, it looks like they’ll be trying their hand at the BloodRayne franchise. Not much is known beyond what is shown on the teaser site itself. All we see is a countdown and some text above it. “She who fights with monsters might take care lest she thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you,” is written.

First let’s get to proving this is BloodRayne out of the way. It looks obvious, but let’s just put the worries to rest.

Arc System Works BloodRayne

Here’s the image I ripped from the site. It’s pretty huge, 2480×1780 to be exact, so click the image if you so choose to view the assets. But focus your attention on the necklace she’s wearing. Recognize that symbol?

BloodRayne Teaser

Yep, that’s the symbol of Rayne. The symbol is also on her sword. More fashion savvy fans will recognize the cross-stitching of her top. Like I always do with teaser sites, I check to see if there was anything under the hood of the site, and came up empty. Not even what the “CS” means in BRCS, or even a mention of BloodRayne name. Though ArcSys probably didn’t expect people to rip the background image since it’s so hard to see the symbol on the site itself. So now the question is, what kind of game will this be.

Previously, Wayforward was tapped into by Majesco for BloodRayne Betrayal, and their interpretation of the series saw it being a tribute to classic 2D Castlevania style. So now it’s ArcSys’ turn to take a crack at the franchise. They’re known for the Blazblue and Guilty Gear fighting games, as well as few visual novels. Will they take after Wayforward’s gameplay format? Will they make this a brawler? Or will she be a featured fighter in Guilty Gear Xrd or Blazblue? In seven days we’ll find out.

Arc System Works launches new title teaser site [Gematsu]

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