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Rapid Composition Episode Two : Friendship?

Here’s the transcript for the second Rapid Composition exercise where I again work with an 8-bit style, restricting myself to just two square channels and one for triangle.  The notation is probably sloppy as all hell, but remember that this was written in 90 minutes.  Also, I encourage anybody interested in composition to join in : the only things I want to have provided for the article are a link to the music, preferably something I can embed like Soundcloud and some visible notation, whether it’s done on traditional score, box notation or whatever.

Thursday July 12, 2012

12:43 Suikoinfinity:
Hello again and welcome to the second week of Rapid Composition where I am suddenly given a theme carefully selected and then given 90 minutes to come up with a piece of music to accompany that idea!

12:44 Suikoinfinity:
Last week we did some underground exploration, who knows what we have in store for this week, but at the turn of the hour, my fate shall be revealed!

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Rapid Composition Episode 1 : Spelunking

The following is a transcript of a weekly event I plan on beginning for The Wired Fish.  Forgive the shitty formatting for now, we’ll find a better chat platform for next week.  Score and Music at the bottom!

Friday July 6, 2012

10:25 Suikoinfinity:
Hello readers at The Wired Fish, tonight is the first iteration of a weekly practice I want to start. Influenced by a tradition in the Doom community, I used to participate in speedmapping events where we would design levels for the game under a 60 – 100 minute time limit. A theme would be presented to all participants from which they would build a level from the ground up, and at the end of the session, all participants would have their creations merged into a single set of levels.

10:29 Suikoinfinity:
Of course, my levels always sucked dick, but the practice was fun. I don’t compose Doom levels anymore, but I am trained in the art of music composition. My training is on a classical level mostly, and there is rarely any excuse to compose music spontaneously, so I decided to begin this event. Right now I’m the only participant, but I hope in time some people might join in so that we might have a collection of short pieces of music every week.

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