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6:00 Inferno – Ni no Kuni (Part 2)

Periodically I run a live stream called 6:00 Inferno.  It hardly ever starts at 6:00 and things don’t always burn, but I play games both new and old, and I’m always in for the long haul.

Previous games include Pikmin 2, ZombiU, the bulk of The Legend of Zelda : Majora’s Mask (an ongoing project), and the online games I play with friends.  My current game is none other than the recently released


The party at Ding Dong Dell is over, and I’m up to date both in sidequests and bounties killed.  Tonight we head south for the desert!  Hope you’re ready for the heat, cause 6:00 Inferno starts in about 5 minutes!

PC Engine Discussion/Review : Bonk’s Adventure

While I’m still writing an article lamenting my childhood ignorance of the Turbografx16 partially because of the shitty marketing and naming that went into its American console, let’s talk about one of the first games I was able to experience thanks to the wii’s virtual console, Bonk’s Adventure!


Heellllp, I’m falling off the title screen!!!

The first in a trilogy, a spinoff and some ports here and there, Bonk was brought back into the spotlight recently with news of his revival.  We’ll probably never see that revival because Hudson went under soon after the news broke, but considering their half-assed multiplayer in the revival of Dungeon Explorer it might be for the better (More on that game in a future post). Continue reading

Rapid Composition Episode Two : Friendship?

Here’s the transcript for the second Rapid Composition exercise where I again work with an 8-bit style, restricting myself to just two square channels and one for triangle.  The notation is probably sloppy as all hell, but remember that this was written in 90 minutes.  Also, I encourage anybody interested in composition to join in : the only things I want to have provided for the article are a link to the music, preferably something I can embed like Soundcloud and some visible notation, whether it’s done on traditional score, box notation or whatever.

Thursday July 12, 2012

12:43 Suikoinfinity:
Hello again and welcome to the second week of Rapid Composition where I am suddenly given a theme carefully selected and then given 90 minutes to come up with a piece of music to accompany that idea!

12:44 Suikoinfinity:
Last week we did some underground exploration, who knows what we have in store for this week, but at the turn of the hour, my fate shall be revealed!

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Rapid Composition Episode 1 : Spelunking

The following is a transcript of a weekly event I plan on beginning for The Wired Fish.  Forgive the shitty formatting for now, we’ll find a better chat platform for next week.  Score and Music at the bottom!

Friday July 6, 2012

10:25 Suikoinfinity:
Hello readers at The Wired Fish, tonight is the first iteration of a weekly practice I want to start. Influenced by a tradition in the Doom community, I used to participate in speedmapping events where we would design levels for the game under a 60 – 100 minute time limit. A theme would be presented to all participants from which they would build a level from the ground up, and at the end of the session, all participants would have their creations merged into a single set of levels.

10:29 Suikoinfinity:
Of course, my levels always sucked dick, but the practice was fun. I don’t compose Doom levels anymore, but I am trained in the art of music composition. My training is on a classical level mostly, and there is rarely any excuse to compose music spontaneously, so I decided to begin this event. Right now I’m the only participant, but I hope in time some people might join in so that we might have a collection of short pieces of music every week.

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Late to the Party Reviews : Super Mario 3D Land

I was going to join this party a little later on down the road, but something interesting happened while filming our upcoming podcast for The Wired Fish.  While discussing our biggest disappointments of 2011 (spoiler), Hachi called out Super Mario 3D land as his disappointment.  Not that it was a bad game, but rather that it felt like it was missing something.  From what I experienced playing the demo at Comic Con, I loved it, and in the back of my mind was hoping that his claims were full of shit, and that maybe he doesn’t know how to handle the 3DS nub properly, so I could laughingly say “You’re playing the game wrong”.  That same night, I decided to debunk his claim one level at a time…

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Hachi76, Prota and Suikoinfinity of The Wired Fish are Going to New York Comic Con!

The Wired Fish: Finally the first thing to show up when you Google our Goddamn name!

Hello to all 30 The Wired Fish fans out there! This is Hachi with some good news: a few of us are going to Comic Con! Yes, your 3,897th favorite internet personalities will be attending New York Comic Con, at the Jacob Javits Center from October 14th-16th. Now, of course, we won’t be having a panel or anything (we’re not that popular…yet), but we will be wandering the Con floor. Prota and Suiko will likely be around the games most of the time, meanwhile I will be bumping around everywhere; games, anime, sales floor, you name it. Luckily, I’m also the most distinctive looking, and will be wearing my signature hat all three days.

What's sexier than a straw fedora? One with a little Hachi under it, that's what!

As for site news, me and Prota will be demoing any fun games we can find (especially Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Phoenix Wright all fucking day) so look out for the first installment of “Prota and Hachi do NYCC” (name subject to change to something less retarded) in the weeks after the con.

We don’t expect you to seek us out, of course, but if you happen to spot us, don’t be afraid to come over and say hi. It’ll boost our egos (and God knows, as a little hole in the wall site, we need it), we’ll probably exchange witty banter, and you can say you met a guy who writes on that one site you visited on the internet that one time! Everybody wins!

See you all there!

Review in Progress #14 : Darksiders (PS3 [played]/Xbox360)

Status : Game cleared (Apocalyptic)

A few weeks ago, I remember mentioning how upon getting The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time 3D I’ve been playing quite a few adventure games of a similar style. Beyond Good & Evil, was incredibly fun despite me not reviewing it (I’m lazy sometimes). I talked on one of our video-podcasts about how Ocarina overshadowed adventure games for years to come including Beyond Good & Evil‘s initial release and Star Fox Adventures, both games that I would not come to appreciate until the past year or so.

Thankfully, it is much easier setting the 3DS aside because I already played the hell out of that game. To be honest there has not been much interesting on the new releases side. Darksiders had been still in plastic since Christmas and the second I heard that Liam O’Brien was voicing the main character, it was just a matter of finding a window to play in. The guy has a habit of voicing a lot of my favorite characters, so a game where I can hear him grunt and yell for hours upon hours had me pumped up from the very beginning.

One of those few times I can really say : That's some pretty sweet box art. From the splattered paint highlights to the almost copper tone of War riding atop Ruin, there is an overall intensity that I don't see too often.

Now, with a little over 23 hours logged on my last save final, I can say that I finished Darksiders on Apocalyptic (hard) mode and boy was it…. easy.

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Video Game Music w/ the James Episode 8 : Super Mario Land

Yeah, I haven’t done one of these in a while… spending a good portion of my day trying to write even a couple of bars of decent music and studying techniques/history via textbooks and audiobooks doesn’t exactly have me wanting to tackle even more music at the end of the day.  I’ll be honest, I haven’t had much motivation.

I’ve also had my hands full with Darksiders which should be finished for review in a couple of days, actually, the only reason I’m not playing right now is because the game froze on me in the middle of a dungeon that I’m not particularly fond of.  Being too lazy to hook up my SNES, Super Gameboy and digging through a bunch of shit for the cartridge, I just settled for my modified wii, classic controller and a digital copy of the game.

Note : The Wired Fish does not support piracy.  Own your games before emulating them.

I am going to have to come out clean and say I fucking suck at Super Mario Land.  Mario’s momentum seems to break too easily and the controls always feel just a little stiff.  I remember never being able to make it past world 3 as a kid and when I tried it out last week, I met the same fate.  Tonight I am proud to say that not only have I finished world 3, but I also managed to beat Super Mario Land, and on one credit!  Admittedly it was a little too close for comfort when I dropped from 18 to 2 lives at one point, but a few lucky bonus games was all I needed.  But we’re not here to celebrate my victory, we’re here to enjoy some music.

While a lot of the later tracks invoke a more exotic feel, this leaves me with no such sentiment.  It’s clear that it wasn’t even the intention which would explain why it plays in the very first level : while it lacks that feel of a faraway land, it’s damn catchy, and the song is one that you’ll be hard pressed to forget once you sing along with a couple of loops. Continue reading

Defending the Duke : A Journey Into Bad Taste

It was about a year ago. As a person who hates going to the movies, the simultaneous showing of three films that had my interest was enough to get myself out the house and into the theater with a group of friends. Those three films were Inception, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and The Expendables, in that order.

While Inception was unanimously considered the best of the bunch, the bulk of the debating went toward the other two films. Most of the people in the group that I talked to found Scott Pilgrim the better film, a concept that still puzzles me. While I’ve yet to read the comic, the film had few and weak video game references (something that I was looking forward to from the testimony of friends who read the comic before the movie).

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Video Game Music w/ the James Episode 3 : Highly Responsive to Prayers

It was about three years ago… maybe four?

Hanging around with some friends on campus, my boy DJ Sebbyseb calls me over to our club’s computer with a game (actually a series) he wanted me to check out.  Being an old game for a Japanese computer system, he loaded up an emulator with the rom for Highly Responsive to Prayers, the first of a series of games that many of you should be familiar with.

Not very flashy title screen, but I love the red swirl!

The gameplay is simple : You’re a shrine maiden running on the floor, usually some eerily still outdoor area, and there’s a ball that you can interact with (shoot or slide into) so that it destroys cards similar to Arkanoid or damages bosses.  If anything touches your character – bullets, boss sprites or even the ball, you die.  Lose all your lives and you continue from the level you were on, which is great since there’s unlimited continues, but you get the bad ending for doing so, making an incentive to do your best.

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Review in Progress #5 : Pokemon Black/White (White played, DS)

Status : Main game cleared, Time – 52:42

Final Team : Braviary (55) Reuniclus (50) Zekrom (50) Chandelure (56) Scolipede (50) Seismitoad (50)

Pokemon removed from my final team but still get an honorable mention : Zebstrika, Simisage, Emboar (Thought Zekrom was mandatory, otherwise, he’d have been on the final team)

Still enjoying the boxart!

If you want to see my initial impressions of Pokemon White, look at my article comparing and contrasting that and Okamiden where I gush about how awesome it is. Do those original feelings remain, or did the second half of the game ruin the magic?

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Sequels of March (DS Edition) : Okamiden vs Pokemon White/Black

For me, this March is all about two things : The 3DS and the lovely RPGs coming out that also happen to be sequels : Okamiden which I’m halfway through and partially reviewed, Pokemon Black/White – my next review in progress, (Tales of) Ar Tonelico Qoga which I might get time for if I can finish the first two, The 3rd Birthday and the upcoming The Legend of Heroes : Trails in the Sky.

Original games also came out this month to great reception, but I’m here to talk sequels, and in this case, the two for DS and which of the two is more worthy of a purchase.

Getting both games on the same day, I was biased.  As great as the last generation of Pokemon was (I beat one of every generation up to now, so the battle system has been growing a little stale), White and Black looked like it would be the same style with a little of that 3d effect, while Okamiden happens to be the successor to one of my top 5 PS2 games.  The plan was to spend 80% of my time on Okami and 20% on the new Pokemon which surely could not achieve the magic of the old games…..

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Brave Fencer Musashi No-mic streaming on jtv (part 3)

Aloha, James here!

I doubt you caught my Brave Fencer Musashi run parts 1 and 2, which is a bummer — there go a few opportunities to make fun of how much I suck.

Expect me to die a great many times.

I didn’t progress too far into the game thankfully, so there is still plenty of chance to watch and bust my balls about how much I suck. My keyboard will be right next to me, so if you have an account, feel free to chat about the game!  I have no problems pausing a sec to respond XD.


Stream done!  Expect chapter 5 and probably 6 next Tuesday since I don’t have a dentist appointment.  Also I’m calling a vote between FB and here, so I’ll fill any reader in :  Taking open votes for my next game stream after Musashi’s finished.  Anything between SNES and Gamecube are eligible.  Give me your worst.

Review in Progress #3 : Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom

Status : 6 hours in (PS3 Version)

This is the first time using my long intended First Taste section, so to introduce it and elaborate on its purpose, many games I play don’t actually get completed for one reason or another. Writing a full review for a game that I’ve only played half of is just plain wrong, which is where the first taste section comes to play. It’s a temporary space where I can write my opinions between points of play without finalizing which will be periodically updated until the time of completion for the final review, if it ever gets to that point. Call it an incomplete review, I plan to have multiple of these going on simultaneously in the near future, and whether or not the Review in Progress becomes a full Review is up to the game in question.

Oh I get it, They're making the same pose...

Part 1 : First Taste

My first impression of Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom : Cheap Zelda knockoff where you have a buddy constantly follow you and you command him to do stuff while together you work to solve puzzles and save the day. Kinda sounds like Star Fox Adventures.

Star Fox Adventures? Wait a second, I used to shit on that game as a kid all the time until I gave it a random second chance last year and fell in love with it! This is awesome!

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Review in Progress #1 : Final Fantasy II (PSP)

Current Status : Main Game and Soul of Rebirth complete. Will touch on bonus dungeons down the road if I get the time.

Clear Time – Main Game : 29:38 Soul of Rebirth : 09:09

Review table of contents :

  • Part 1 – Covers the main campaign
  • Part 2 – Soul of Rebirth
  • Part 3 – The Wrap-Up  (for you impatient readers)

I kinda like the purple theme going on in the boxart

Part 1 : Final Fantasy II’s Main Quest

Ah, Final Fantasy II, considered one of the bastard children of the series. Before I get to the game proper, it must be mentioned that a good portion of the time between the 15 and 27 or 28 hour mark was spent grinding spells and getting the party to reasonable stats for the run through the final dungeons… while it’s possible to spam cure on the field (poisoned characters required to abuse) everything else had to be upgraded in battle…. I stopped after getting Firion’s Ultima to level 10 and Maria’s Flare to 10.

Thankfully, spell grinding isn’t entirely bad (at the higher levels). Since you can set commands to memory in the psp version, it becomes a simple matter of holding down the X button with something heavy and going on to do personal business such as using the bathroom, sending a text message, taking some hot potato skins out of the oven… grinding here rocks because it doesn’t tie you to the screen/controller. The only issue is that spells can only level up once in a given fight, so at a certain point, no spell xp is awarded.

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