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Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution Now On Adult Swim Games… With A Few Changes

Back in February, Adult Swim released Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution, sporting artwork by robotpencil. At the time, it was only available on Facebook. Now AS has finally release the game on their own site and changed a few things around. First thing you’ll notice is that there are no power-ups like on the Facebook version. Second is that now you won’t revert back to the Unicorn if you miss a star as the other creatures. And third is that they added a Rhino to the mix. Not sure if they moved the Sabretooth Tiger down or replaced it. One thing that still stands is that you have to hit three stars in a row to evolve. Miss one and the star count resets. The game is still as awesome as ever. Now if only they fixed that evolving in mid-air thing…

Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution [Adult Swim Games]

Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution – Play As More Than Just The Unicorn

About two weeks ago, Robotpencil alerted his watchers on DeviantART that Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution was released. You’ll probably recognize his work from several months back , which is the splash screen for the game’s title screen. Now about the game. It sports clean, updated graphics and the ability to play as a Panda, a Wolf, a Gorilla, and a Dragon. You unlock them as you destroy stars. So now the game feels like it has a goal (which is to get to the Dragon). You can also unlock abilities like an extra jump, gliding, and a steadier pace. For now you can only play Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution on Facebook. No word yet if Adult Swim will have it playable on their site.

Soul Brother takes over Adult Swim

If you’re looking for a fun way to kill some time on the internet, and enjoy a game with solid platforming and exploration, then I got just the thing for you.

Adult Swim’s latest browser-based game from Superflat Games, Soul Brother, is akin to titles such as An Untitled Story and VVVVVV. You control the soul of a person who just recently died, and you now have the ability to possess the various creatures you come across. The catch is, you can only possess someone when you die. Doing something like jumping into a spike pit will instantly have you take control of another creature on the same screen. And since different creatures have different abilities, such as being able to move blocks or double jump, switching bodies often is vital if you plan on finding all 33 gems of wisdom.

I just finished playing through the game and I have to say it’s pretty fun. It’s not a very long game, only taking me a little under an hour to beat. Then again, I was in a rush and only got 24 of the gems. But I do plan on playing it again when I have more time, in order to get them all. Plus, I love the pixel art style. So if you find yourself bored and with nothing better to do, then do yourself a favor and check out Soul Brother. I highly recommend it.

Via: Joystiq