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E3 2016: New Berserk Dynasty Warriors Game Announced, Hachi Runs out of Synonyms for Disbelief

Well, fancy seeing you here.

Well, fancy seeing you here.

It is merely E3 eve and yet we’re already getting announcement bombed.

In a move that I could not have conceived in even my deepest inebriation (and trust me, that is some DEEP shit), Omega Force, which is the team in Koei Tecmo that works on the Sangoku Musou aka Dynasty Warriors series and most of it’s spinoffs, announced that the newest anime-fused branch of the franchise would be Berserk Musou, which will theoretically combine the hacking and slashing action of the Warriors games with Berserk, Kentaro Miura’s long-running masterpiece of dark fantasy and incredibly brutal horror. Continue reading

New Dragon Ball Z Game “Battle of Z” Trailer Released, Hachi Caresses His Balls Gently…Slowly…

Well, time to get my golden wig out...

Well, time to get my golden wig out…

Source: Kanzenshuu

A new Dragon Ball Z brawler has finally been announced, sans release date, but what’s been seen is quite exciting.

Let me preface this by saying that I am a huge DBZ fan. Huge. Absolutely massive. I’ve been watching the show since I was five, and even as an older male, when it should be a ripe target for my practiced snark and cynicism, I can’t help but love it.

And I love video games. And video games about Dragon Ball Z are a particular delicacy, especially since they tend to be halfway-decent. A fan boy will endure a lot to play his favorite show, but Dragon Ball Z: Budokai, waaaaay back on the early PS2, is considered one of the first reasonably fun anime games to come here. And its “threequel”, Budokai 3, is actually considered to be a really good game. So was its successor trilogy, the Tenkaichi series, with Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 being my favorite DBZ game of all time, and a personal fave for its great music, fun combat and ungodly amounts of content. Continue reading

No More Gamefly In My House: What I Rented, And What I Bought [UPDATE]

Well, the time has come to end Gamefly in our house. We’ve had fun with the service, but due to some circumstances, it was time we ended it (for now at least). I’ve had my gripes with the service, but I got my chance to play games that I would otherwise not consider (or not pay full retail price for). There were some games that were pretty damn awesome, and a few that made me happy that I only went as far as renting it. One thing I wished I would be able to do was to actually review these games within the time I had them. But several things (namely Xenoblade) would come up and I would be unable to review them fully. Other times, I began to forget the premise of the games, the gameplay, the stories, and any specific things that may have occurred while I played. So I would like to take this chance to at least talk about these games and how I felt about them. I would also like to reveal the one game I eventually bought as a result of Gamefly. So after the break, the games I bought.

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Resident Evil 6 Demo Impressions (Leon S. Kennedy)

Leon S. Kennedy returns in Resident Evil 6 with a new metrosexual jacket!

Two month early access was granted to Xbox 360 Dragon’s Dogma owners for the official Resident Evil 6 demo on July 3.  The full demo pre-installed on the Dragon’s Dogma disc includes campaigns for Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield, and Jake Muller.  Each of the characters’ campaigns are fairly unique. Chris is heavily action oriented with his use of heavy weapons much like Resident Evil 5.  Jake is a mix of action and survival with his physical prowess. The focus of this review however, is the return of Leon S. Kennedy and the survival horror theme reminiscent of “old school” Resident Evil titles.

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Ether Vapor Remaster: A Lesson In Old-School Ass-Whomping

None of them actually hit you, but you get the idea.

Slowly but surely doujin localizing company Nyu Media has been rising up in fame, finding its niche nicely in the download scene. Releasing indie games from Japan that would otherwise fly over most U.S. publishers heads, Nyu Media has brought over shmup game The eXceed Collection and adventure game Cherry Tree High Comedy Club. And so a new release dawns, Ether Vapor Remaster, an enhanced port of a shmup game originally released back in 2007 in Japan. I tried the game out… and (after some futzing with my shitty-ass computer to get it to work. I’ll talk about this some other time.), I was issued a pure ass beating only an old-school game can dish out.

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Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City first impressions

What happens when SOCOM and Resident Evil make sweet love? You get Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City (ORC).

ORC is a slick, action packed game that gives players a sweet high resolution tour of Raccoon City. This, for all intents and purposes is your standard 3rd person shooter game, set in the Resident Evil universe. This is not canon, this is not what Resident Evil was, or the direction it has been headed in. THIS is simply a nice side story that will tide us fans over until the next release! Want a current, yet true Resident Evil canon game, please pick up Resident Evil Revelations!

In the meantime, is ORC perfect? NO! However, it is a fun romp back in the city that started it all- Raccoon City!

After the break, a full breakdown of my first impressions.

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Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Special Edition

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Special Edition Set

Hello video game aficionados of the Ichthyoid persuasion, I bring you today the contents of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (ORC) special edition box set.

I ordered via the Capcom store and while the internet is full of stories from not so happy customers- complete with nerd rage expletives and image macros. I decided to risk it anyway… that sweet ass limited edition “Welcome to Raccoon City” sign lured me in.

Much to my surprise it shipped on Monday 3/12/12 and by today-Friday 3/16/12- I have this sweet baby in my hands! This edition set me back $86 bucks but it is so worth it!

A few more pictures after the jump…

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Soul Brother takes over Adult Swim

If you’re looking for a fun way to kill some time on the internet, and enjoy a game with solid platforming and exploration, then I got just the thing for you.

Adult Swim’s latest browser-based game from Superflat Games, Soul Brother, is akin to titles such as An Untitled Story and VVVVVV. You control the soul of a person who just recently died, and you now have the ability to possess the various creatures you come across. The catch is, you can only possess someone when you die. Doing something like jumping into a spike pit will instantly have you take control of another creature on the same screen. And since different creatures have different abilities, such as being able to move blocks or double jump, switching bodies often is vital if you plan on finding all 33 gems of wisdom.

I just finished playing through the game and I have to say it’s pretty fun. It’s not a very long game, only taking me a little under an hour to beat. Then again, I was in a rush and only got 24 of the gems. But I do plan on playing it again when I have more time, in order to get them all. Plus, I love the pixel art style. So if you find yourself bored and with nothing better to do, then do yourself a favor and check out Soul Brother. I highly recommend it.

Via: Joystiq

3DS Week 1 Impressions (Steel Diver, Super Monkey Ball 3D, Pilotwings Resort)

It’s been almost a week since the arrival of my Nintendo 3DS, a handheld which has been generating quite the buzz both positively and negatively.  During the course of the week, I have been able to play three releases : Super Monkey Ball 3D, Pilotwings Resort and Steel Diver.

Since I’m lazy, 3DS image grabbing isn’t yet my forte, video quality of the games I see played on Youtube look like shit and this is gonna be a short article anyways, I’ll spare the images this time or throw in a few boxart shots.  Like always, I’m going to try to take the middle-ground.

While I won’t entirely call the naysayers full of shit, it’s ridiculous to encourage the necessity of a “killer app” at a system’s launch.  Of course the games are going to vary from mediocre to garbage with a couple of gems in between, but hasn’t it been like that for the release of plenty of other consoles?  From the negative testimony it seems that reviewers need to pull their head out of their asses and give credit where it’s due : sure we’re not looking at grade A material, nor are they entirely shitty.  They do what they have to do and that is to showcase the early power of the 3DS.

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Super Monkey Ball, What Happened to You?!

Two hours, twenty seven minutes. That is how long it took me to finish all 8 worlds in Super Monkey Ball 3D, including failed attempts to beat the worlds using one continue each according to my 3DS activity log. That’s 80 levels.

I shouldn’t be this disappointed after finishing a launch 3DS game. After all, it’s a new system, and the first games are always a hit or miss. Typically features are a little on the weak side and that really doesn’t bug me. So what is it about Super Monkey Ball 3D that leaves me unsatisfied?

Ever since the Gamecube’s launch, I have been a fan of Super Monkey Ball. The first has hours upon hours of possible playing time between the challenge levels and the minigames (which at the time were lacking). A sequel was quickly released that added more levels, gimmicks and minigames and maintained the charm while adding different environments and a story of sorts. Then came the forgettable Super Monkey Ball Adventure, after which Sega apparently learned their lesson and went for only one game per console, around launch time (with subsequent releases losing gradually more fans). There was the DS one, a Wii version that boasted 50 or so minigames, and to be honest wasn’t bad at all. The music was awesome, especially for the bosses… in short, I have nothing but fond memories of the first two for the cube and the wii game.

Part of the magic was that it appealed to the many facets of myself as a gamer. If I just wanted a relaxing environment to chill in and just roll around like an idiot or play random sports games with monkeys, there were tons of options even in the earliest of the series. If I wanted something a little more hardcore… then I was in for a treat, aiming for the incredibly hard to access master levels (still haven’t made it to any set of those sadly). There was more than enough material to keep me entertained while having that seemingly impossible goal to constantly aspire for.

Have my not perfect, but also not amateurish skills in the series carried over to the 3DS? Maybe it was only easy because of that, otherwise I might have enjoyed the steady learning curve like any older Super Monkey Ball…. but I doubt it.

Level design is where this game falls flat on its face. Sure it gradually becomes harder and worlds 5 to 8 are pretty/borderline fun, but they are all essentially the same thing with a different color or design. Obstacles range from small bumps on the floor to bumpers that bounce you off stage to super bumpers that propel you into the damn background. That’s it. They look different for each world, but there is no other imagination put into the traps. Floors might curve and bend, but most have guardrails. The floors are also much less dynamic than the earlier games with less moving platforms, less rotating platforms and no disappearing/reappearing platforms or anything slightly more advanced. But at least there are some cool 3D effects like the lasers flying around in world 8.

When I got bored of challenge mode and went to look at the minigames available, I was shocked to see only two : Monkey Race and Monkey Fight. Monkey Fight immediately reminded me of a cheap knockoff of those Shonen Jump DS games. Monkey Race reminded me of a poor man’s Mario Kart – if you hold the accelerator while the race is beginning you spin out of control and there’s items to use too! I don’t remember the minigames being so lacking.

See, I’m trying to defend the 3DS launch lineup while other people are crapping all over the games. I really want to say that these are great games the way I said Pilotwings 64 and Wave Race 64 were awesome launch games despite being lighter in content. I can’t defend this horribly mediocre game.  Even watching these videos as I link them to parts of my text make me sad to watch the gradual decline.

Hope Pilotwings and Steel Diver don’t disappoint when they come in tomorrow.

Sequels of March (DS Edition) : Okamiden vs Pokemon White/Black

For me, this March is all about two things : The 3DS and the lovely RPGs coming out that also happen to be sequels : Okamiden which I’m halfway through and partially reviewed, Pokemon Black/White – my next review in progress, (Tales of) Ar Tonelico Qoga which I might get time for if I can finish the first two, The 3rd Birthday and the upcoming The Legend of Heroes : Trails in the Sky.

Original games also came out this month to great reception, but I’m here to talk sequels, and in this case, the two for DS and which of the two is more worthy of a purchase.

Getting both games on the same day, I was biased.  As great as the last generation of Pokemon was (I beat one of every generation up to now, so the battle system has been growing a little stale), White and Black looked like it would be the same style with a little of that 3d effect, while Okamiden happens to be the successor to one of my top 5 PS2 games.  The plan was to spend 80% of my time on Okami and 20% on the new Pokemon which surely could not achieve the magic of the old games…..

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First Impressions: Gods Eater Burst

With all the games coming out this month, now is as good a time as any to start up a “first impressions” section. This one is going to be about the game Gods Eater Burst, which is Namco Bandai’s recent take on a Monster Hunter type game. To be honest, I started the game without expecting very much, but I have to say I came out a little impressed.

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