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XSeed Has Cancelled Localization For Grand Knights History

Grand Knights History was slated for release some time in early Spring, roughly March. That time came and went with nary a word from XSeed Games, the game’s North American publisher. Many wondered if the game was just delayed. Others were fearful of Vanillaware’s other game, Dragon’s Crown, getting the shaft. Thankfully, that game is in good hands. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Grand Knights History as Xseed announced overnight that they have cancelled the NA localization of Grand Knights History, citing unavailable development resources. However, unless someone else picks up the game, I have a few hunches that this decision goes beyond unavailable resources.

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Grand Knights History Coming to the US (And You Too Europe!)

Grand Knights History, the somewhat ambitious PSP RPG with online play in mind, has been picked up by XSEED and is slated for release in the US. Released not too long ago in Japan (and to good sales no less), this is one of two games being made by Vanillaware (the other one being Dragon’s Crown for PSV/PS3). Grand Knights History is a turn based RPG where you choose one of three kingdoms to represent (Avalon, Logres, or Union) and create a squad of knights to take into battle. You can also go online with your squad of four and battle other players (representing one of the other kingdom). For European gamers out there, Rising Star Games will be handling the publishing duties. Grand Knights History is slated for release sometime around Winter on PSP.

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