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It’s A Depressing World On iOS Devices

Well, the countdown clock counted down to pretty much an iOS version of TWEWY titled The World Ends With You -Solo Remix-. Those hoping that this was a sequel to the cult hit were in for a monsoon of disappointment. Again having never playing the original, I’m not as bummed out as some in the audience are. But I can relate to them (especially since we have our own iOS nightmare to deal with) as something with a similar magnitude such as this can be a huge bummer. In this iOS version, gone is the dual-screened mayhem of the battle system. Now any second characters you bring into battle will be controlled by the AI. Also now some moves will be handled through a micro-game.

On the plus side, some of the sprites have been cleaned up and the music has been remixed for this release, though I’d imagine some would want this to be on a 3DS instead of an iDevice. But who knows, maybe this could bring awareness to the series and maybe spawn an actual sequel. But I’m with everyone when I say that Square probably shouldn’t be using countdown clocks to hype iOS releases. And dear lord up to $20 for an iGame? I don’t think Square realizes that iDevices are a different beast when it comes to pricing.

The Wold Ends With You -Solo Remix- Website