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It’s A Depressing World On iOS Devices

Well, the countdown clock counted down to pretty much an iOS version of TWEWY titled The World Ends With You -Solo Remix-. Those hoping that this was a sequel to the cult hit were in for a monsoon of disappointment. Again having never playing the original, I’m not as bummed out as some in the audience are. But I can relate to them (especially since we have our own iOS nightmare to deal with) as something with a similar magnitude such as this can be a huge bummer. In this iOS version, gone is the dual-screened mayhem of the battle system. Now any second characters you bring into battle will be controlled by the AI. Also now some moves will be handled through a micro-game.

On the plus side, some of the sprites have been cleaned up and the music has been remixed for this release, though I’d imagine some would want this to be on a 3DS instead of an iDevice. But who knows, maybe this could bring awareness to the series and maybe spawn an actual sequel. But I’m with everyone when I say that Square probably shouldn’t be using countdown clocks to hype iOS releases. And dear lord up to $20 for an iGame? I don’t think Square realizes that iDevices are a different beast when it comes to pricing.

The Wold Ends With You -Solo Remix- Website

Square Enix Teasing A New World Ending Game?

Oh? What is this? Looks like a new countdown clock has popped up. This time from Square Enix, and it looks like they’re teasing a new The World Ends With You game. At first it looks like nothing much. Then you hear the music. Since I’m on a big Persona 4 fix now, listening to the music, it sounds very Persona-like. Since P3/P4 and The World Ends With You shares the same Japanese-Pop aesthetic, we can pretty much draw this conclusion. Or you can just ignore my long-winded deducing and look at the bottom of the page and see that Tetsuya Nomura and Gen Kobayashi are credited as Character Designers. Both worked as artists for The World Ends With You, so it’s pretty safe to say that this is a new TWEWY game. Another hint is in the URL, “subaseka.” In Japan, the game is known as It’s A Wonderful World, or Subarashiki Kono Sekai in Japanese Romanji. So Subaseka is a portmanteau of the game’s Japanese name.

I really wish I played this game when it came out. Hearing lots of good things about it, I feel pretty left out of the loop. If I find a copy though, I might transition pretty well into it–being fresh off Persona 4 and all. There’s 6 Days left to the counter. So by the end of the week something should come out of this. We’ll be there to break it.

Square-Enix Teaser Site