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Tribute to Satoshi Kon: Millenium Actress Review

One of the greatest minds in animation history right there...

“With my heart full of gratitude for everything good in the world, I’ll put down my pen. Well, I’ll be leaving now.”

– The last words of Satoshi Kon’s final address, posthumously posted on his blog by his family.

One year ago today, on August 24th 2010, the world of Anime lost one of its truly gifted and visionary creators when Satoshi Kon, the man behind such mind-bending works of art as Paranoia Agent and Perfect Blue, passed away at 47 after a mostly private battle with pancreatic cancer. He left behind a legion of mourning fans, instructions for the completion of his final film The Dreaming Machine, and a legacy of some of the most creative, wonderful, and boundry pushing animation ever put to film.

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