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Somehow, In Some Way, This Person Has A Wii U

A member of the Fragdolls somehow managed to snag herself a Wii U according to her tweet. Not sure how exactly she got it nor which convention she attended to get it. From the tweets, it looks like PAX but then says something about a Gamestop Convention (didn’t even know they did those). She also seemed to be involved with Ubisoft (either as a rep or just hanging around the area, I’m leaning on the former). In some more good WiiU related news, one of her earlier tweets says that ZombiU did well at the crowd. Ubisoft might have an early hit on their hands with the Wii U. Let’s just hope it’s not another Red Steel moment.

[via KAT Twitter]

Ubisoft Press Conference 2012 Liveblog Wrap-Up

Ahoy! Ubisoft’s press conference just ended and boy what a conference. The games on display were pretty damn good and Ubisoft showcased a few things they plan to do with Rayman Legends and the Wii U. They also show a game that really intrigued James and Steven. Hit the jump to see their reactions.

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