NightTime Listening – Emotional Themes

We gamers don’t like to admit it sometimes, but we do cry in our games. Not because the game is brutally hard and it’s killing us to tears. But themes that, for whatever reason, makes us tear up a bit. Whether it’s the way it’s composed, or the situation that it’s related to, someone’s gonna get misty eyed when listening to them. Below are four themes that will get you a little emotional once you’re done with them. I’m putting a spoiler warning since most of these either pertain to a major event in the game or is an ending theme.

Yoshi’s Island – Ending Theme

Okay, this theme doesn’t quite affect me the same way as it did back then, but for a while this did put a tear in my eye upon hearing it. Knowing that this is the end of a great game, it’s kinda hard to see it end. Couple that with seeing the Stork fly through the clouds in the storybook style that the game used, and it was an amazing thing to experience.

Persona 3 – Memories of the School
This game was pretty lengthy. Yet, because of the length and the fact that you experience everyday of the game world, you get immersed into that world; you feel like you’re living it out. So it’s becomes saddening knowing that the story is going to end soon. Once you hit that last month, it sinks in. It’s even more painful knowing that the main character dies in the end in the arms of someone who loved him. (highlight to reveal spoiler)

Okami – Reset (Thank You)

This game was amazing, pure and simple. The music was outstanding, but this entry…man. It plays when you’re fighting the final boss and lose your powers for a moment after the second boss form. Everyone starts to believe in you and pray to you. These were people who really didn’t have much faith in their god (You pretty much). But after realizing how much you helped them, and the world in general, and see that you’re in trouble, they begin to have faith again. And then when you gain back control, feel that urge to not only disappoint the people that just prayed to you, but to kick the living crap outta the final boss. An amazing moment in videogames. There’s also a vocal version of this song by Ayaka Kirahara

Chrono Cross – Radical Dreamers

Finally, here the song that I still can’t listen through all the way without tearing up a bit. The journey through this game was somewhat confusing, but emotional nonetheless. see the different fates of some of the characters was interesting. But bringing the same characters together made them see how things could’ve been very different. This song here, on composition alone, is amazing. It doesn’t really make one think of the story, but is kinda sad to see a game end. I do have my own personal reasons for liking this theme the way I do, but we’ll just leave it at that.

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