NightTime Listening – Heavenstamp

Ever since I was exposed to Neaux Clicked On This, I was inspired to also do some non-game entries for these NightTime Listenings. There’s already been some non-game stuff posted, and this is just me re-writing this article a bit since I released these on WP out of order (I posted this on LJ first). There may or may not be a theme to these. I do advise for my Fellow Fishes to please support the musicians that I post here by buying their music and albums legally. I will not be posting links for you to download them for free. The vids themselves may have the users post those link, in which case they are out of my control. All blame falls on you and the OP, not me.

Anyways, hit the jump to see the band that I want to talk about today.

Heavenstamp here is (I think) an indie band from Japan. I discovered them on music blog Neaux Clicked On This (as did most of the songs I’ll be potentially posting in the future). Their first song to hit the internet (that isn’t from a show performance) was “Hype.” I fell in love with this song, and constantly played it on the day I found out about it. Around the time (mid October), there were pretty unknown. But going back to the vid today, they seemed to have gained some notoriety. Good for them! Anyways, What I like about this song is, for starters, is Sally#Cinnamon (the singer’s) voice. The way she way she sings, it sounds like a warning, like an omen is about to occur. I also like how the guitar is on a constant strum for almost the whole song. But what I love most about Hype is the chorus. Instead of a bouncing-back-and-forth of the chord progression, the chord progression just keeps going lower. Fits really well with the video they made, as the singer is slowly falling down. I will say though that the singer looks really pretty around 1:24 (though things get kinda creepy around 3:00 with the baby heads).

Here’s the second song to hit the net. Admittedly, Heavenstamp has been pretty slow themselves on posting their music. However, since my original posting over on LJ, Heavenstamp has post not only “Morning Glow,” but “Wake Up” as well. It’s second since someone else posted up Morning Glow before Heavenstamp did. So then, onto the song. It’s largely different in tone than Hype, but the rapid strumming is present. Methinks that that will be their signature in making music. The song does have an optimistic vibe to it. The singer’s voice is softer in this song, and the song is quieter in general. The video itself… well it’s more of a sing-a-long. The words are appearing on the side with a “screensaver” playing. It had a great setup too, I thought it was gonna be Sally and the gang walking in the city. But nope! For some reason, I have a feeling that most of Heavenstamp’s budget went to making “Hype,” Followed by “Wake Up.” Morning Glow here probably got the least money allocated (°-°’)

And now for the newest song to hit the internet. As stated earlier, when I did this article back on LiveJournal, Heavenstamp only had one song up, and another by someone else. Two days after I posted the article, Heavenstamp posted their latest video for “Wake Up.” *sigh* if only I waited a bit earlier. Ah well. Here is “Wake up.” For a moment song sounded a bit silly with the constant back and forth of the chords. But I gave it a chance, and man what a song it turned out to be. When comparing the song to “Hype,” it actually made a bit of sense. While Hype had the falling chord progression (in conjunction with the falling singer,” Wake Up has a note progression that goes upward. I wish I knew more Japanese though, ’cause the vid looks like there’s a political message behind it. So far I see great things for this band. They seemed to have gotten somewhat known. Hopefully people over here in the U.S. notice this band too

For more info, visit Heavenstamp’s official Youtube channel, or their website


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