Dissidia 012 Duodecim Gets US Trailer

It’s about time! I got a chance to play the Japanese demo of Dissidia 012 on a friend’s PSP. Everything seems to play the same, aside from the assist characters, which I didn’t know how to summon. Everyone from the previous game is coming back. Joining them is Kain from FFIV, Tifa from FFVII, Laguna from FFVIII, Yuna from FFIX, Yuna from FFX, Prishe from FFXI, Vaan from FFXII, and Lightning from FFXIII. Duodecim Prologus comes out on PSN onMarch 15 (same day as Okamiden ^w^). It’ll come with Aerith as an assist that can be carried over to the main game.

via Siliconera

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