Final Fantasy Type-0 Website Up, Music Kicks Ass

Square Enix has launched the website for Final Fantasy Type-0. To complement it, it’s got some kickass music to go along with it. Unfortunately, the other two at the bottom right are blacked out and not up yet. Bummer too, cause this music seems to indicate that some serious shit is about to go down in this game. And you know what, I believe it, what with the gratuitous amounts of blood I’ve seen in the trailers recently. Now, the thought of blood in a game is nothing new. But for a Final Fantasy game, it’s pretty rare, with one of the few instance I recount occurring in Final Fantasy VIII (how do you think Squall got that scar?). I’ve also seen blood in one of the earlier Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailers, but for some reason, it looks to have been toned down from the more recent trailers.

Anyways, I’m getting ahead of myself here. Final Fantasy Type-0 was under the name Final Fantasy Agito XIII since its debut. It was part of the universe of Fabula Nova Crystallis. Last fall, the name of this entry was changed to Type-0 after someone in the dev team (Not sure who) saw that the game deviated a bit too far from the original intent of the game (and the overarching story/world structure of FNC). Although the name change has distanced itself from the other two games in the world, it is still part of the same universe.

Final Fantasy Type-0 is slated to release on the PSP this Summer in Japan.

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