Sony Press Conference LiveBlog (Starts at 8PM)

Things seemed to have been going all fine and Dandy for Sony and their PS3 and PSP. But then the shit hit the fan when PSN suffered a major hack attack, shutting it down for almost a whole month. But now, things are back to normal (hopefully). But, does anyone remember what Sony was planning to do for E3? To be honest, I forgot since the PSN stuff was the talk of the town. Regardless, we expect the usual things Sony will show. We should be seeing some Infamous 2, Twisted Metal, and Move action to go along with this conference. Hopefully after today, we can really put this PSN stuff behind us and focus on the games Sony will be releasing.

Sony’s Press Conference starts at 8PM EST (5PM PST). Once the conference starts, click the link below.

Sony Press Conference

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