Ultimate MvC3 confirmed, coming in November [Update]

We’ve all been hearing about the recent rumor that Capcom may be giving MvC3 the Super Street Fighter treatment, but it looks like we don’t have to wonder anymore, it’s official…Ultimate MvC3 is happening. Along with the announcement, Capcom has released a debut trailer, which can be seen above, to showcase some of the new changes. From what’s shown in the video, we can see that several characters have new and altered moves, and the game will be adding Ghost Rider, Strider Hiryu, Hawkeye, and Firebrand to it’s roster, with more characters to be revealed in the future.

I have to say, this news doesn’t make me very happy. It doesn’t help that the original MvC3 has only been out for about 5 months. That fact aside, maybe it’s because I’m still torn over Capcom’s decision to cancel Megaman Legends 3, a game that a large number of fans have been waiting over 10 years for. Or perhaps it’s because, while I can still enjoy MvC3 to a degree, the game felt incomplete from the get go and this just feels like a way to squeeze more money out of the franchise. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because Capcom has been slowly decaying into a nearly unrecognizable shell of its former self during this console generation, screwing over fans left and right. Regardless of the reason, Ultimate MvC3 is coming in November, and it’s coming to stay.

Update: All 12 new characters have been leaked, you can see the list and pictures after the jump.


  • Ghost Rider
  • Hawkeye
  • Doctor Strange
  • Iron Fist
  • Rocket Raccoon
  • Nova


  • Strider Hiryu
  • Firebrand
  • Phoenix Wright
  • Vergil
  • Frank West
  • Nemesis

1 thought on “Ultimate MvC3 confirmed, coming in November [Update]

  1. Steven "DeadPhoenX" T.

    You bastards… You see, Capcom has officially entered my shit list after what happened on Monday (along with the plethora of other bad choices this company has made lately). This list only has one other occupant, and that is Activision. Capcom has taken their fans for suckers. Here we were, thinking that this shining beacon of a company is one of the last few companies that really cared about their fans, even going as far as to involve the community into the development of their games. Establishing a website to increase transparency between company and fan. These are unprecedented feats, things that other companies would never dare attempt. But it was all a set-up. We have gotten fat from the sweets, only to be pushed into the oven and be eaten.

    Given, this is an amazing looking game. Happy Strider is finally in it (he was my main MVC 1 and 2). And it looks like X-Factor is going to be more noticeable in the HUD this time around (rather than hidden away in some carajo-land part of the health bar). Not really digging the new layout for the health bar, but I can see why they’d make the health bar of the active fighter larger so as to make players able to see it peripherally while fighting. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is set for release this November for $40. I’ll be getting this game… used that is.


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