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Ultimate MvC3 confirmed, coming in November [Update]

We’ve all been hearing about the recent rumor that Capcom may be giving MvC3 the Super Street Fighter treatment, but it looks like we don’t have to wonder anymore, it’s official…Ultimate MvC3 is happening. Along with the announcement, Capcom has released a debut trailer, which can be seen above, to showcase some of the new changes. From what’s shown in the video, we can see that several characters have new and altered moves, and the game will be adding Ghost Rider, Strider Hiryu, Hawkeye, and Firebrand to it’s roster, with more characters to be revealed in the future.

I have to say, this news doesn’t make me very happy. It doesn’t help that the original MvC3 has only been out for about 5 months. That fact aside, maybe it’s because I’m still torn over Capcom’s decision to cancel Megaman Legends 3, a game that a large number of fans have been waiting over 10 years for. Or perhaps it’s because, while I can still enjoy MvC3 to a degree, the game felt incomplete from the get go and this just feels like a way to squeeze more money out of the franchise. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s because Capcom has been slowly decaying into a nearly unrecognizable shell of its former self during this console generation, screwing over fans left and right. Regardless of the reason, Ultimate MvC3 is coming in November, and it’s coming to stay.

Update: All 12 new characters have been leaked, you can see the list and pictures after the jump.

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Megaman Legends 3 Has Been Cancelled

Megaman Death Sound

You hear that sound when Megaman dies. That’s not Megaman dying. That’s Capcom, becoming a former shadow of itself, becoming a company different than what I grew up with. That sound is the many visions of my childhood, growing up with Capcom, vanishing. This is not the same Capcom anymore. That company that made all those games back then… Megaman, Megaman X, Ghosts n Goblins, DuckTales, Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Seasons, Zelda: The Minish Cap, Marvel vs. Capcom, Devil May Cry… and Megaman Legends, one of the games that defined my childhood… This is not the same company.

This is not Capcom. This is Capcom Co., Ltd., a corporation with an air of arrogance and a belief that it knows better than thou. A company reaping the benefits of cheap, western outsourcing, only two fighting games in the market, and rip-off after rip-off (on-disc) dlc. There is no more Unity, as they proclaim. We are not fans to them. We are just customers now. We are not defined by our heads, our arms, our thumbs, our legs… no. We are defined by our wallets, like massive breasts in an office. That is all they want now. Well Capcom, enjoy this new world you made for yourself, this gray, dreary world. I’ll stay on this side, where I can still enjoy the old games you made.

I could do my usual journalistic breakdown of what happened and the reasons behind. But I’ll let Destructoid handle it. To me, this goes far deeper into what makes me a gamer.

Mega Man Legends 3 officially cancelled [Destructoid]