Sonic Generations Trailer Shows More Stages, More Tails, + Mushroom Hill on 3DS

Here’s another new trailer for Sonic Generations, fresh off GamesCon in Germany. It shows of the usual stuff we’ve seen so far for this game. But it we see a new stage being shown off. From what it looks like, it’s the stage from Sonic 2006. Or it could be that stage from Sonic Unleashed. Not too sure as I try to stay the hell away from these games as much as I can. On the bright side of things, Tails shows up at the very end of the trailer. Not sure if there will be any two-player support akin to Sonic 3 & Knuckles, but his appearance could spell constant death sounds behind you.

If you want to see some Mushroom Hill action on the 3DS, jump in.

Posted by a user on Kotaku, we see someone trying out the 3DS version of Sonic Generations. We see Classic Sonic going through Mushroom Hill, the beginner level of Sonic & Knuckles. The stage layout is unchanged from its Genesis counterpart. You can also hear a bit of the music amidst the noise of the crowd. If you look at the comments for the video, gamers are mentioning that Sonic’s uncurling has been fixed. If you remember on the demo we got for the PS3 and 360 in which you played as Classic Sonic on Green Hill, you’ll notice that Sonic uncurled in some instances when launching off a ramp. It was most noticeable in one of the first S-curves that sends you into a ramp launches you into a pyramid of rings at the top. This lead into the intentional loss of rings if an enemy was below you. Here, he now stays curled until you stop or something context based occurs. Not sure if its just the 3DS version that has this fixed if this will be replicated on the console versions. But looks like fans are rejoicing over this fix.

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