Hidden Message in Sonic CD

Hello everyone. Feeling sleeping yet? It’s just about 2AM as I’m writing this (don’t ask). So I figured I put something up before I go to bed.

Not too long ago I came across the vid you see up there. It’s a hidden screen in Sonic CD that you can access by stringing together some numbers in the Sound Test menu. When you press play, this screen pops up. The message “Fun is Infinite (represented by the symbol). SEGA Enterprises” is shown (but in Japanese) amidst a creepy Sonic background and the very eerie Sonic CD boss theme. Suddenly, the “Fun is Infinite” thing just got a hell of a lot creepier. There’s also the “Human Sonic” variant with different music. I’m pretty sure many people already know about the hidden messages/pics, but it doesn’t hurt to put them up anyway. Well, goodnight then.

9 thoughts on “Hidden Message in Sonic CD

  1. Daniel Saad

    It’s NOT from the devil! Akuma’s supposed to be devil in Japanese. ( don’t believe me? Go on google translate, put it on english to Japanese, and translate devil.)

  2. "Tails" Miles Power

    Actually, that Sonic in the background is rumored to be Sonic with Mario’s face. And also, the music is really the American Boss music.

  3. Stephen Mays AKA:Nathan Drake

    When a friend told me to press down, down, down, left, right and A when I played Sonic Cd. The sound test option popped up with a message saying 46-12-25 when you enter that in the Screen pops up Saying: Fun is infinity Sega Enterprises. – Majin.(All in Japanese) With a wallpaper with Sonic with a creepy clown mask and creepy music long with it. God, that wallpaper and music still scares me today. Thanks my friend, and YouTube for reminding me!


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