Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Special Edition

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Special Edition Set

Hello video game aficionados of the Ichthyoid persuasion, I bring you today the contents of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (ORC) special edition box set.

I ordered via the Capcom store and while the internet is full of stories from not so happy customers- complete with nerd rage expletives and image macros. I decided to risk it anyway… that sweet ass limited edition “Welcome to Raccoon City” sign lured me in.

Much to my surprise it shipped on Monday 3/12/12 and by today-Friday 3/16/12- I have this sweet baby in my hands! This edition set me back $86 bucks but it is so worth it!

A few more pictures after the jump…

18″ x 10″ Welcome to Raccoon City metal sign (complete with bullet holes)

U.S.S & Spec OPS Patches

2012 is indeed the year of Resident Evil, as a diehard Resident Evil fan and contributing fish, I’ll be updating you on box sets and news as it makes its way down the pipeline.

Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Special Edition

    1. Reina_Rei Post author

      It’s huge and pretty sick! Check out the Capcom store. I know it was offered with pre-orders but regular price was around 50 bucks…yikes! Considering I got the sign for free and the game early, Capcom gets a gold star from me this time around!

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