Would You Pay $375 For Super Mario Land 2?

Answer: No. But a woman in Vancouver selling the game on Craigslist believes you should. Super Mario Land 2 was originally released on the Game Boy on November 2, 1992, and re-released on the 3DS Virtual Console on September 29, 2011. Being that this was the sequel to the highly praised 18-million seller Super Mario Land, people snatched up the sequel in no time, selling 12 million units since launch. I mean, this was Mario on-the-go. Who didn’t want this back then? The unnamed woman claims that the game is rare and that it justifies the $375 price point. She also cites that she saw vendors on Amazon selling the game for that much. What she failed to notice is that Amazon sellers however tend to sell things at ultra inflated prices, like the Wii Lens Cleaners going for upwards of $30 when Nintendo themselves sold it for $10.  After a couple of Youtubers found out about this, she lowered the price to $250, which is still way too high for the game. And this is just the cartridge she’s selling. No box, no manual, no extra paper that Nintendo tends to put in their boxes. Just the cart. If this game was rare, 1)It would not have sold so many when it was released, and 2)Nintendo would’ve had limited production run of the game (which it certainly wouldn’t do for a Mario game). Atlus games are rare. Nintendo games – especially Mario games – are not.

375 BUCKS FOR MARIO LAND 2!!!!!!!!!! [Playalives, via AlphaOmegaSin]

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