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Tales of Xillia localization announced for North America and Europe

Tales fans rejoice! Today Namco Bandai announced that Tales of Xillia will be released both in the US and in Europe. No release dates have been given as of yet, but the European version will be arriving sometime in 2013.

Namco Bandai really hasn’t been pulling any punches the last couple of weeks. First we learn that the company will be co-developing the next Super Smash Bros., then they set up a teaser site that revealed a new JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fighting game, and now this. We also can’t forget about Project X Zone either. I’m just happy that we’re getting another mothership Tales title in the west. It seems like sales from Tales f Graces F and Tales of the Abyss 3D were enough to remind Namco Bandai that there’s still a fanbase in regions other than Japan. We’ll keep you posted on any new information that surfaces. In the meantime, you can whet your appetite a bit by enjoying one of the game’s openings after the jump.

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Namco Countdown Reveals Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle

Remember that countdown Namco teased earlier this week? Well after counting 0 Days, the curtains have finally lifted on a new Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure game, entitled Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle. I’m not very familiar with the series, but I do know of the mechanics of the fighting games. To those looking at Persona 4 Arena, that game’s Persona mechanics are very much inspired by the Jojo games. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure started as a manga, but gained exposure in the west from its fighting games on the Playstation and Dreamcast, which Capcom published. After that, not many Jojo games were made, not did they come to the West. Bandai managed to release a new game in 2006, but that too never made it stateside. And now Namco Bandai’s making a new game in the series.

From the looks of it, it’ll be taking some cues from the previous game, Phantom Blood, but sticking much closer to traditional fighting mechanics. If you’re looking at the trailer on the website and thinking, “Man, that looks like Street Fighter IV,” Well, that’s because CyberConnect2 is handling development. The characters have those visible brushstroke lines on them, similar to the characters in SFIV and STxT. I’m skeptical on this game’s Western release. But hey, the series’ got a cult following, and the gamplay looks pretty wacky and just up my alley for me.

So far the game is slated to release exclusively on the PS3. No release date is set.

[Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle Website]

Night-Time Listenings Wrap-Up: Week of 5/21/12

Recognize that image up there? If not, well, you’ll see after the break. So then, you already know my problems with staying awake around 10PM sometimes, so I won’t be going over that again. But that game me a chance to pick two songs that night. Songs from a game tied to a team of multicolored super heroes.

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Resonance of Fate, Dead Rising, And God Eater Characters Join Project X Zone

I gotta keep up with these website updates! About two weeks ago Namco, SEGA, and Capcom revealed more characters for their collaboration Project X Zone. On the Capcom side, we have Frank West representing Dead Rising. Hsien-Ko joins the already revealed Donovan from Darkstalkers. On the SEGA side, Zephyr and Leanne from Resonance of Fate join the fray. Quietly added was Riela Marceris from Valkyria Chronicles III. And finally on the Namco Bandai side we have Alisa and Soma from God Eater. You can see their character art after the break.

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Retro Weekends – Monster Party

Pumpkins, vampires, zombies, murderous robots. These were among the numerous creatures to pervade the entertainment landscape, tapping into the fears that people developed worldwide. So it’s no surprise that such monsters would find their way into videogames. Monster Party sought to bring them to the forefront and make them the primary enemies in the game. What we got was a game that actually parodized the monster genre and made little references to the source material here and there. Oh, and this game pretty was hard. After a month off, let’s celebrate NES MAY with a Monster Party!

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Retro Weekends – W-Gundam Zero Custom Model Kit

This past week I spent much of my time playing through Persona 4. It’s been a while since I played it and I last left off at the sauna right before the Kanji fight. Well, cut to yesterday, and now I’m up to the the secret base dungeon. In between that, I took a quest where I had to make a mech model for this guy. It was an ema request, so I I figured “eh, why not. The fox’ll give me a discount.” So, I made the main character build the model, and then the slight nostalgia trip hit me… the seemingly tedious job of building a mech model was actually fun when I had one. And it was the only one I ever had.

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