This Week In Confirmed News 3

These confirmed news are mine! No mine!

This week we got games of the past getting some face lifts and some out right getting a full body procedure, some indie games and a couple of news for more new titles.

Do I get to keep this?


Sega is bringing Phantasy Star Online 2 to the west next year and it’s going to be a free to play game.


Dude I think he is totally looking at you.





Sony is bringing Papo & Yo a puzzle-platformer to PSN as a promotion to their own Sony “PLAY” promotion. The game with be sold for $14.99. Playstation Plus subscribers get it for $11.99.


I get trophies?!



Metal Gear Solid 4 is getting an update for this August that will finally allow it to have 34 trophie achievements and will be able to be fully installed.


That means more people get to be hit by my lasers




NightWing and Cyborg have been confirmed in the new DC game Injustice: Gods Among Us.


Oh some Jet Grind Radio throwback




Sonic All-Stars & Racing Trasformed has been confirmed for a November 16 release in the UK and November 20 release in the US.


Cause we all know capes are that awesome




On July 24 the indie game Malicious has been confirmed to be released on Sony’s PSN.


If you thought the game was pretty before wait till she comes to your PS3





Okami is getting an HD release in the US and UK this Autumn.


Cause the JoJo verse is just too fabulous






JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD has been confirmed through a leak that showed Xbox 360 achievements about the game. So far it has been confirmed to allow people to upload replay data and have online ranked matches.


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