Katamari Damacey To Be Exhibited At MoMA

Videogames are movin’ on up guys. Not to be outdone by the History of Videogames exhibit at the Smithsonian, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City is going to showcase Katamari Damacy as part of their Century of the Child: Growing By Design exhibit. The program’s goal is to showcase things that were created and geared towards children from 1900 to 2000. The showcases range from parks to toys to books and so on. Speaking of which, an Astro Boy manga is also being shown in the exhibit as well. Going back to Katamari Damacy for a bit, Namco Bandai’s VP of Marketing Carlson Choi stated in a press release”

“Namco Bandai Games’ Katamari Damacy has touched countless people, from children to adults, and is truly a modern video game classic. The inclusion of Katamari Damacy in this ground breaking exhibit is a testament to the creative designs embodied in Namco Bandai’s games and shows the importance of video games in peoples’ lives in addition to being a validation of video games as a modern form of interactive art.”

Not bad guys, not bad. If anyone is interested in seeing the exhibit, they can hit up the MoMA in New York City. They’re located in 11 West 53rd Street in Manhattan. The Exhibition started this past Sunday and goes on ’til November 5th.

Katamari Damacy exhibited at New York’s Museum of Modern Art [GameDynamo]

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