The Breakdown: The eXceed Collection

So all three games have been reviewed. Playing through all three, you can see how Tennen-sozai (than called FLAT) has grown as a company. They had a small game with some good ideas, but didn’t really wow me much. Then they took inspiration from Ikaruga and polished the game up a bit. They even recruited some cool composers. Then they upped the production values with cleaner presentation, adding popular voice actors, and even got S.S.H. to do the soundtrack. It’s like walking through the history and growth of the company.

So here’s the deal. Gun Bullet Children is $2.99. Both Vampire REX and Jade Penetrate are $5.99 each. Each game is available to purchase separately. All together it’ll cost you about $15, whereas getting the collection will cost you $10. In the end you’ll want to play the other two as Gun Bullet Children is an obvious first attempt and the dud of the collection. But hey, at least they bothered to add it there, unlike some other collections out there. But I digress. If your intent is to play the latter two games, you’ll be spending two extra dollars over getting the collection. Just save yourself the financial trouble and get the collection. Just think of it as getting Devil May Cry 1 & 3 for an awesome price and getting Devil May Cry 2 for free. You can’t beat that!

So to Recap:

Gun Bullet Children: 65/100

Vampire REX: 85/100

Jade Penetrate: 87/100

Grand Collection Score: 85/100

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