Night-Time Listenings Wrap-Up: Week of 9/17/12

After a one week break, Night-Time Listening made a comeback. This week was the week of Remixes. We kicked things off with Stickerbrush Symphony remis “Brambles in the Breeze.” We then battled to the bitchin’ riffs of S.S.H. and his remix to Final Fantasy VI’s Boss Battle. Vincent Rubinetti makes his second appearance on Night-Time Listenings with his remix of DKC3’s Nuts N Bolts, “Grinding Gears”. We played some demonic pinball with Sword of Justice’s remix of Devil’s Crush’s main board theme. Then we wrapped up the week with a trio of remixes from three unlikely sources. What were the? Well hit the break and check it out!

If you want to see the music as it goes up (and not wait every Saturday for these wrap-ups), remember to go to our Tumblr page and follow it. Music for Night-Time Listenings goes up every weekday at 10PM

Donkey Kong Country 2 – Brambles in the Breeze (remix of Stickerbrush Symphony)
Composed by Protricity

So let’s kick off the week with Protricity and his remix of Stickerbrush Symphony, “Brambles in the Breeze.” He sticks close to the original composition of the song while twisting some instruments to create something different. For example, listening to the original song. You hear that instrument come in around the :10 mark? It becomes almost dominant in the intro portion of the song, and makes it part of the main composition for every verse, including the chorus. Pretty neat stuff. No question today, so discuss anything about this song or the series below

Final Fantasy VI – The Decisive Battle (remix of Boss Battle)
Composed by S.S.H.

A long while ago I tangentially found S.S.H. when looking up some remixes of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. Of course he hasn’t done any remixes of the music from Mystic Quest, but he did do some remixes for the series in general. Here’s his remix of the Boss Battle theme from Final Fantasy VI. Right from the beginning his metal onslaught does not waver. Hard chords, screeching melodies, and a constant drum beat, there is not one moment of silence in this song. Makes ya wish this was in a Dissidia game. Speaking of which, here’s today’s question: Which song remix would you like to see in a Dissidia game?

Donkey Kong Country 3 – Grinding Gears (remix of Nuts N Bolts)
Composed by Vincent Rubinetti

Of all the remixers I’ll feature this week, Vincent Rubinetti, aka evesira, sticks the closest to the original melodies in his music. You almost see this more as a Remaster than a remix. What’s awesome is that each of his remixes follow the normal template for most modern songs. He’ll do two verses and two choruses, with the second of each throwing in a little extra. Then he goes nuts with the solo and final chorus. What you’re hearing now is a remix of Nuts N Bolts from Donkey Kong Country 3. So, how unnerving was the DKC3 factory to you when you first played the game?

Devil’s Crush –  Main Table (Remix of Main Board Theme)
Composed by Sword of Justice

When you hear 16-bit metal like Devil’s Crush’s main board theme, you know this is prime for a metal remix. I mean, just listen to it! Now come back here. Sword of Justice tackles the song masterfully. Since the original song is long enough, not much else is needed to extend the length. So SoJ just adds solos wherever they can and just murderize the melody! And in keeping with the original Satanic theme of the game, the song just sounds like something out of hell where non-stop metal is pump into your ears and into your brain. So… How many point were you able to score in Devil’s Crush?

DKC2, Persona 2, and OutRun – Timeless Devotion (remix of various songs)
Composed by snake9677

Let’s round out the week with a trio remixes from three unlikely sources: Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, Donkey Kong Country 2, and OutRun. Yep, a dark RPG in the MegaTen series, a platformer starring an ape, and an arcade racing game. What could go wrong? Nothing of course, as user snake9677 meshes these three games into one pretty incredible sounding mix. Dubbed “Timeless Devotion”, it’s an 80s styled remix bringing together Mining Melancholy, Maya’s Theme (along with the Map theme), and Magical Sound Shower. I must say, this is pretty damn genius. That gets me thinking, what three unlikely games would you like to see get its music remixed into one?

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