Retro Weekends – Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Sonic 2 (2)

First Contact

Back during my Retro Weekend on the first Sonic game earlier this year, I mentioned that a family that my mother was friends with were having a party, to which I learned about the Level Select code. In that same party, they were also playing Sonic 2. I was surprised that there was a second game in the series. I was oddly liking that new splash screen that introduced the stages since it had more personality than the first game’s. I was also happy to see Tails since I first saw him from that Sonic cartoon first and that he was a product of the shows. I would borrow the game from a bit, but I’d somehow always stop at Oil Ocean. Trust me, this was a long game and had to be beaten in one sitting. The actual ownership of the game… well it’s pretty much a mystery. None of us in the family remember how we came to own Sonic 2. We have a feeling it came with the influx of Genesis games we gained when a family friend of ours moved back to Mexico.

Sonic 2 (6)

Memorable Moments

With Labyrinth Zone still fresh in my mind from the previous game, I was surprised to see an underwater section so soon with Chemical Plant Zone. Unlike Labyrinth Zone (and the subsequent Aquatic Ruin Zone), there were no air bubbles to grab, so you had to hightail it to higher ground once you were submerged in the the Mega Mack (the purple water). The Mega Mack made its appearance in Act 2. Since we (meaning my sisters and I) were kids, our reflexes were still rather lame and our patience thin. So when we fell into the purple peril, we wanted out of it quickly. Just a bit before the boss is where the hardest part was, where the mack would rise up and there were moving platforms that acted like steps. This part would see us die many times over either by falling to our doom or drowning. To make matters worse, if we did manage to make it out, we’d forget about the moving platform above that and the collapsing floor afterward that would drop us right back down.

Sonic 2 (7)

After beating the lengthy Metropolis Zone, I was introduced to the rather serene Sky Chase Zone. I was pretty hyped to make it here. I didn’t know how close I was to the end of the game, but it felt pretty far. I was thinking back to the other stages I had to push through: Casino Night and its bumper bonanza, Mystic Cave and all its levers, Oil Ocean and its cannons, Hill Top and the lava. I went through a lot. Then I entered Wing Fortress, and exited as soon as I entered. I only had one life left and no continues when I made it here. So when I saw the first slip-pad in the stage, I took it and it sent me to a lower level. Not very useful. Then I took the second slip-pad I saw… and it sent my ass to a death pit. I was so pissed when this happened. I’m not sure if I stopped playing Sonic 2 for a while because of this.

Sonic 2 (8)

One thing I’m sure many people might remember is how much of a pain Tails was during the special stages, always getting hit by bombs and screwing you over a couple of rings at the checkpoints. So I found out how to have it just be Sonic in the game and was on my merry way. I managed to get all the Chaos Emeralds and was then told that I could become Super Sonic. That sounded pretty cool and wondered how exactly I can play as him. Then all of a sudden, BAM, I became him. I didn’t catch on immediately that I had to collect 50 rings and then jump, so it seemed random to me but cool nonetheless. This guy moved wicked fast and was pretty much invincible the whole time. I would just zip freakin’ everywhere, laying waste to all who opposed me. I guess Mystic Cave wasn’t having any of my bullshit though at I fell into a deep pit of spikes and had no way of getting out. I had on choice but to wait until my rings depleted.

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