Capcom: Christian Svensson Wants Ace Attorney Collection For 3DS, Gun.Smoke Gets Rated For 3DS

Phoenix Wright and Gun.Smoke

Got a pair of Capcom news to share. First up, Capcom VP Christian Svensson is hoping for Capcom to create an Ace Attorney Collection for the 3DS. “I have proposed this many times over the past two years… no news yet though. Hang in there,” is what he said on the Unity forums’ “Ask Capcom” section in a thread simply titled “Ace Attorney Collection for 3DS?” Given that Capcom released Ace Attorney Trilogy for iOS devices, it seems plausible to release something like this on the 3DS. Maybe not the whole series so far (which includes Miles Edgeworth and Apollo Justice), but at least the trilogy. Still, as Svensson says, “Hang in there.”

Next is the revelation of Gun.Smoke getting rated for release on Nintendo eShop. The game was an overhead shump game set in the wild west. The game was originally an arcade game and was released 1985, then released on multiple consoles, most notably on the NES in 1988. It’s not known if the one coming the 3DS will be the NES version or the Arcade version as there’s many differences between the two. Given that Capcom is releasing arcade classics under its Arcade Cabinet line, it could be the Arcade version. The ESRB rating shows the game as getting released on the 360, PS3, Vita, and Nintendo 3DS.

Locked: Ace Attorney Collection 3DS? [Capcom Unity, via Cubed3]
ESRB rates Gun.Smoke for 3DS VC [GoNintendo, via NintendoLife]

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