Today Marks The End Of Several Long-Time Wii Services

Wii Channels Ending

Forecast Channel. News Channel. Everybody Votes. Check Mii Out. Nintendo Channel. These were several of the channels the original Wii offered to owners, some since launch. Forecast Channel reported on the weather. The News Channel fed you news straight from the AP. Everybody Votes presented questions for owners to answer and tallied them up. Check Mii Out gave you a chance to showcase the Miis you created to others worldwide. And finally Nintendo Channel was, in a way, the precursor to one-half of the current Nintendo eShop experience with videos, trailers, and the ability to rate the games you’ve played. From this day forward, these channels will cease to function.

Alongside these channels ending, sending messages to your friends via the Wii Message Board will no longer be in service. In fact, all data transfer between you and your friends will cease, potentially affecting certain games that use the WiiConnect24 function, like Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Internet Channel, Wii Shop Channel, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and gameplay time-tracking on the Wii Message Board will still function as normal.

As for games that used Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, like Mario Kart Wii, The Last Story, and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, it’s unknown what will happen to those games.

Nintendo to Pull the Plug on Several Online Wii Channels [Nintendo Life]

6 thoughts on “Today Marks The End Of Several Long-Time Wii Services

  1. James Corbett

    I’ll never forget spinning the globe on the forecast channel and landing my cursor on “Cockburn Town”. I’ve been there once, actually, involved a curious mind and a tube of icy-hot. Good times.

    1. Steven T. Post author

      Ah that globe. Discovered Christmas Islands, and my favorite, Phuket (which is actually pronounced poo-kett). I’m gonna miss those Japanese weather condition symbols being different from everyone else. Good times indeed.

  2. mamaluigi

    Sad to see it go. Hopefully Wi-Fi connectivity will at least still stay. I will miss the Check Mii Out Channel the most, being that every time I go there, I find a new Mii that I must have.

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  4. Sage haynicz

    I also miss Nintendo WiFi connection and I also discovered Christmas island and I was like 14 or 15 when I got to spin the globe and play with the cursor but when I was 17 turning 18 they discontinued it I called the company and I was like why ? They said its because we made new consles and now I just look on lighting speed browser app looking at the Wii weather that used to exist


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