Rise of the Triad Reboot Free Goodies w/ Preorder, Possible Blake Stone Followup?!

The folks modernizing Apogee’s classic shooter, Rise of the Triad are not only making an impressive looking game, but if you pay attention to the Destructoid comments section, you can clearly see the team getting involved and spreading the word on top of that.   I love it when I see development teams really put extra effort into selling their game and getting the word out.


For those who don’t know, the original Rise of the Triad started out as an expansion for Wolfenstein 3D, even using the same engine, until id software had the project cancelled shortly before Doom was to be released.  The project survived on a modified engine and independent story.

Its best features include over-the-top violence, the fast-paced action 90’s fps games are known for, ridiculous guns and missile weapons and a game over screen that made me lose many good hours of sleep.


Preorders for the remake have already started at $14.99, everywhere from Steam to GOG and Apogee’s own site.  The cool thing is that as a little bonus for preordering, they are offering 4 free games : the original Rise of the Triad (and an additional level pack), Blake Stone : Aliens of Gold and Blake Stone : Planet Strike.


Blake Stone, also published by Apogee was unfortunate enough to release within a week of Doom ,also on a modified Wolfenstein 3D engine, which wasn’t as flashy as the modifications RotT brought to the engine.  The poor game didn’t stand a chance despite it’s length : 6 episodes just like Wolfenstein.  In contrast, Doom originally released with only 3 episodes.  Planet Strike, the sequel came out a year later, and to be honest, I didn’t even know it existed for years which sucks because it deserves better.

If the Destructoid comments are any indication, after RotT, there is a possibility that Blake might also be getting the reboot treatment he deserves.  If so, I wonder if it will follow the huge episodic format of the original or the straight beginning to end structure of its sequel.  Now that I think about it, even Doom ditched the episode system for its sequel.  I wonder why it lost popularity, since it pretty much guaranteed a certain amount of unique boss battles… what did we get in Doom 2, a new handful of standard enemies and a wall with a hole in it?


Not as big as the hole in this guys chest though.

The folks at Interceptor Entertainment have my support.  Preorder’s finalized and I hope to kick your ass (or vice versa) at the end of the month!

via : Destructoid

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