New Nintendo 3DS Update Makes StreetPasses Easier

Nintendo Zone

A new update to the 3DS has gone live overnight, and this one adds a new way to StreetPass with other users. Using Nintendo Zone, places like Best Buy, McDonalds, and StarBucks will act as relay points, sending streetpass data long after you stayed or passed by the area.

The way it works is like this: say you pass by or stay in a place like McDonalds. The Nintendo Zone there will store your StreetPass data for a limited time. Then when someone passes by, they’ll get your StreetPass data AND have theirs stored as well. It’s pretty much like a regular StreetPass, except you don’t have to physically pass the person.

This will definitely be a big help to those who live in rural areas where there aren’t that many people around or the next person is miles away. Many who live in these areas expressed difficulty in passing by other 3DS users.

If you want to find a Nintendo Zone near you, head over to Nintendo’s website and find out. Nintendo Zone’s are usually in BestBuy stores, McDonalds, and Starbucks. It’s not limited to these stores (as shown in the above image), but just to give you an idea of what place might have one.

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