Is XSEED Teasing Senran Kagura Localization? [UPDATE] Confirmed For NA Release!

She Speaks The Truthpictured: Senran Kagura anime

[UPDATE]For the sake of consistency, I’ll just update this article instead of making a new one. Hit the jump to see the update.

After a few hints and inklings since the initial game’s Japanese release, in comes word that XSEED might be localizing a Senran Kagura game. First was the registration of domain, referencing the setting of the Senran Kagura games. The site is registered to XSEED JKS inc. Going there (at the time of this writing) only shows blank slate with text that reads “Your website is ready. This site has been successfully created and is ready for content to be added. Replace this default page with your own index page.”

Next up was an image of a kinda yellow, kinda flesh toned square tweeted by the XSEED’s Twitter account. This was followed by Kenichiro Takaki, the Senran Kagura producer, tweeting this, and then this.

Previously, when asked about localizing Senran Kagura, Ken Berry stated that it “would be hard to sell as a packaged title,” alluding to it being a download-only title if it came westward. Currently, it’s unknown if XSEED will be localizing either Senran Kagura Burst beat-em-up on the 3DS, or the musou-like Shinovi Versus on the Vita.

Whatever the case is, it looks like Takaki’s request to wrap the world in happy boobs might finally come true. It’s coming true! Godspeed sensei, godspeed! And watch the Polygons.

[UPDATE] It’s official. Sengran Kagura Burst on the 3DS will be making its way stateside. And as Ken Berry stated, this will be a downloadable title. Immediately from the trailer, we can see that only the text is translated. It’s unknown if English voices will be added (considering Killer Is Dead, published by Xseed, has a lot of it), but for now we’re just happy the text will be translated. And for those fearful of humdingers remaining static, they will move.

The good thing about Senran Kagura Burst specifically getting localized is that this comes with the first game already in it. Burst was something of a sequel/expansion deal. Think Dissidia Duodecim and how it had the story of the first Dissidia in it. If it does well, maybe we’ll get Shonovi Versus on the Vita too.

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