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New Resident Evil: Damnation Trailer

A new trailer was revealed at the San-Diego Comic Con recently that showed more footage for the new film Resident Evil Damnation.  This film is the 3D CGI sequel to Resident Evil: Degeneration and again features Leon S. Kennedy as the protagonist.   There’s no sign of Claire Redfield but Ada Wong and an anonymous male character have been revealed in the trailer.  The film takes place just before Resident Evil 6, dealing with a BOW (bio-organic weapon) attack in Europe.  The film will premiere in Japan on October 27, 2012.

What Could Super Mario 4 Possibly Be?

Before I begin the speculation, let me bring everyone up to speed. Not too long ago, gamers discovered that Nintendo had registered supermario4.com. When you go there, it redirects you to Nintendo’s country selector. Now normally when you enter some bonkers domain name, either you’ll go to a “domain not found” page, or a page from a domain squatter. But here, you can see that Super Mario 4 is most certainly Nintendo’s. Then in an interview with Korean site Betanews, Miyamoto confirmed that his team was in fact making Super Mario 4 for the Wii U. However, he didn’t specify what exactly this new Mario game would be: a 3D or 2D platformer. Here’s where we start guessing what this could be.

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Nintendo Announces 3DS Peripheral, Hachi’s Eyes Gleam With Interest…

Secret Scoop! Turn your 3DS into a food court tray! Coming soon!

Source: IGN

Being a relatively recent adopter of the 3DS (about a month now), I have become well acquainted with the system’s strengths and weaknesses. It has great graphical capabilities, fits pleasingly in the hands, has immense potential for future enjoyment (I’ve said as much in our podcasts) and genuinely feels like a “next-gen handheld”. On the other hand, it runs out of power at a moments notice, is currently bereft of many “Triple-A” games (although that is changing rapidly) and has finicky 3D that, although awesome when it works, will boil your viscous fluid inside your eyeballs if you hold it wrong. Continue reading